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MG TD TF 1500 - Friday funny

I read this with great interest…

After watching the video, I contacted the hackers with a challenge. That was to connect to my 61 sprite and try to take control of the operating systems as they did with this Chrysler.

They accepted the challenge and we met yesterday in the now closed high school parking lot. I was feeling pretty cocky and sure that they’d met their match with my Sprite as surely there was no way that they even be able to interface a computer with my Sprite. These two technicians who spent their youth in front of a video monitor and hands on the keyboard were very, very good. After about three hours they came up with a solution and said that they were ready to prove me wrong.

I got in my Sprite, turned on the key and yelled “ready”. They booted their computer, yelled “ready” and instructed the computer to connect. They hit “enter” and I couldn’t believe it. All the lights came on. Headlights, tail lights, dash lights. WOW! Immediately, the computer started leaking oil. The screen went half dark, the sound card started playing Rule Britannia and then the computer started to smoke. It would do nothing after that with the exception that any time the enter key would be pressed, the lights on my Sprite would go off and on. The hackers and I considered our challenge a draw. I asked, that as a momento of our experiment, that I could purchase what was left of their computer. They just gave it to me as a token of good will after a very long day of labor. I happily took the computer, hopped in my Sprite, hit “enter” and drove home at night with the lights on for the first time in years.

Lucas Smith
MG LaVerne

That's great. Next time you go out for a spin in your Sprite take an "old" dial up phone with you. While you're riding along dial 411 and see if you can't get some old Buddy Holly tunes.

Happy motoring!

Roy Challberg

Love it!
Larry Brown

That's hilarious, LaVerne. I shared your FB post (with attribution) to my Delaware Valley Triumph Club FB page and the guys there responded that it would be great to use it for their monthly newsletter (with attribution, of course!). Do we have your OK?
Kevin McLemore

Ahhhh.... analog.


I stole it from an MG site so feel free ...probably should have changed it from a Sprite to the TF.
MG LaVerne

Which one? I should give proper attribution when I give it to them.
Kevin McLemore

MG Experience...midget board.
MG LaVerne

Kevin McLemore

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