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MG TD TF 1500 - front brake cylinders

Couldn't find an answer in the archives so thought I would float the question to those who know!!!! Do any other brake cylinders fit the MG TD? I am referring to the front brake cylinders.

Do we have any kind of listing of parts inter-changeability between various makes and models?

Look forward to comments.

Brian Smith

I'd like to know that too and how easy are the TD cyls to re-build?

Don't know about replacements, but I do know to keep my cylinders for a VERY long time I had the bored out and sleeved with stainless then put new kits in them plus a switch to dot5. That should make them last.
l rutt

Unlike the rears, I think the front cylinders are TD specific. New ones are $50 from Moss, much less than they used to be, so barely worth it to sleeve at the moment. Rebuilding: The biggest problem is the steel piston rusting at the inner end, and causing the soft alloy cylinder to pit. If you can pretty much polish the bore to a mirror finish without any linear scratches then you can rebuild. Otherwise sleeve or replace. Use silicone brake fluid, and place an o-ring under the outer lip of the piston to seal out moisture when the car is parked. George
George Butz

Hi Brian,

I have just completed front brake rebuild on my TD and ended up lining two cylinders with stainless steel liners.

However one cyl. had a brass piston and of course this one had not siezed, I have been told by a US contributer that it was probably supplied by Abingdon spares.

It is slightly different from the standard in appearance but of course the bore is the same. It also has a rubber boot at the top end to prevent dirt ingress.

See Pic

R Dade

Hi Brian,

Pic of wheel cylinder with brass piston.


R Dade

Hi Brian,

Yet another posting re your front wheel cyl. comment.

The Octagon Car Club here in England lists a wheel cyl with brass piston Part No SBR009 None Member Price is 66.44 +. Pound is weak against Dollar at the moment so might be worth contacting them. They have web site.

Hope that this helps.

R Dade

Where can you get Stainless sleeves?

Mark Frappier resleeved my front wheel cylinders and master cylinder in stainless steel. They came out great.

Mark Frappier
82 Mountainview Street
Agawam, MA 01001

M/C $65
Wheel cylinder $45

Larry Shoer

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