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MG TD TF 1500 - Front brakes

My driver side front brake must be out of round or something. The wheel spins then stop at a point and then spins again. There must be some resistance in the wheel/drum/hub the wheel is hitting while making it through a cycle. The passenger side wheel spins w/o resistance. My car had disc wheels when imported and then converted to wire wheels by the owner before me, if that makes any difference. Can someone explain what is happening and how do I resolve this?

I am finding the adage about "too many cooks can spoil the broth" very true when it comes to this car. I just have to wonder how many mechanics (both good and bad) have had their hands (and tools) on TF 9034.

Thanks, Jeff
JSL jeffrey

I think that your drum is slightly warped,,,, all of them have a bit of warp ,,, probably shouldn't make much of a difference when on the road,,,,, if it is noticable on the road, you can have the drum "turned" ona drum machine,,, but there arn't that many around that can handle these drums..


What passes for warped disks is usually just minute build up of debris on the disk. Have a brake shop resurface the disks in place before getting a new set. Cheers - Dave
Daved DuBois

daved, i believe he has drum brakes...his post mentioned early disc "wheels" and the car was converted to wires...but perhaps i am misreading the post.
i believe steve's post is correct in regard to newer shops, but if you seek out a machine shop that has been in business for several years ...they will be able to turn your drums. i had no trouble and i live in a town of 2500 people. regards, tom
tom peterson

How do the brakes work? If it stops well, without any pulsating or anything, not a worry. George
George Butz

I am getting a pair of drum brakes from Moss which my mechanic will install this week.

BTW: The TF rear leaf springs I just had installed lowered the car 3-4 inches versus the TD springs that were in it. That alone would change how the car handles. I may need to put the 16 inch steering wheel back on versus the 15 inch steering wheel I added. My mechanic told me driver input will take effect much sooner than before as the suspension will be much stiffer than I am use to. This is going to get very interesting to say the least. I can always remove all the "stuff" I have been doing to 9034 and take it back to factory standards. However, I will probably keep the 5 speed.

Thanks for the advice. Jeff
JSL jeffrey

>>I am getting a pair of drum brakes from Moss which my mechanic will install this week.<<

I'm assuming that you mean a pair of brake drums????
Are the drums that you are getting from Moss new????? I was unaware that they were available!!!!


I re-read the posts, and I guess Jeff has wire wheels,,and those drums are available,,,,,



You might pull the drum and see if the shoes sit on the backing plate evenly and correctly. The drum should pass over the lining-free section of the shoes last when the car is moving forward.
David Werblow

The drums are most certainly available from Moss now. I just got 5 with their wire wheel kit and then got another to replace the one I had trouble with.
Mort (50 TD "Mobius")

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