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MG TD TF 1500 - Front Coil Springs

What is the difference between the coils on a TF with the ones on an early MGB? Length, tension?

Are TD coils the same as a TF?

Reason for asking, my car has had the right coil changed some time in it's life time with the wrong one and it is stiffer than the left side. I don't know how it was driven for so many years that way? I just might buy a new set from Moss and replace both of them. It never ends! PJ
P.S. Jennings

Moss indicates the TD and TF are the same. The MGA's springs are the same overall diameter, same wire diameter but approx 1/4" shorter. I don't have the MGB info but I do have a couple of springs off a 77 MGB I could check. Moss lists several different springs for the MGB's. Have a good day!

John Progess

John Thanks for the info. The late style springs, I think 74 1/2 are heavier and set higher for the rubber bumper cars. I have a set of the shorter 72 springs and a set of the rubber bumper springs off of a 79, which are taller. It's the early B springs I'm curious about. PJ
P.S. Jennings

They will fit Paul although you will get a rougher ride. I had some comparison pictures somewhere here with the TF springs and a set off a 69 B. Len F. has been promoting using some Rubber bumper B springs for years. Look in the archives for which ones.

The B springs use a larger bar for the coil but are about the same height. I'm trying to remember about the internal difference. The B and the TF use a different sized locating cup in the cross member but they are interchangable. They are not entirely interchangable in reguards to the springs as the larger of the two will not fit inside one set of the springs, sorry I can't remember which ones.

Picture side by side


top view


locating cup differences


Didn't realize the difference in the diameter of the springs. To use B springs, it appears that the cups would have to be changed also. For a hundred bucks, I think I might just buy a new set, then I'll know their for a TF and the proper size and ride. Thanks LaVerne, I saved your photos! (Grin). PJ
P.S. Jennings

That would be the 480# high performance R/B front spring, a little lower, a little stiffer. Len
Len Fanelli


You own stock in a powder coating shop? The springs look near new.
Bruce Cunha

I wish Bruce. Just bead blasted and paint. You get that micro T done yet?

Just got in the electronic motors and controllers I will be installing in it. I will take pictures shortly as I will be starting back in on it.

You, know, I figured out that There is no way I am going to be able to test this little MG myself. I will never fit in the cockpit. Just have to find a neighborhood kid to test it.
Bruce Cunha

Maybe ya need a radio controller Bruce. Stick a large dog in and suprise the neighbors

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