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MG TD TF 1500 - front spring install

1953 td front end apart what tool or exercise to use reinstalling the spring. could not find any info in archive. removed bearings not used to back plate removal on tds. must reinstall clean and repack bearings whats the common practice. thanks all, les
l.f. frank

Did you use Polly bushings in the rebuild?? Doing the bearings is well covered in the WSM. Do you have the WSM?

Steve Wincze

in an assembled car a floor jack under the spring pan will compress the spring enough. With the engine out or the car disassembled, you will need to wrap a chain arround the shock and under the jack to compress the spring. This is best done with a hydrolic floor jack.
D. Sander

Search for "front spring" using the Archive (not the Search) feature. I found hundreds of posts on this topic. You'll find everything from a tractor on up. Depends a lot on if engine is in the car or not. I think WSM covers this as well.
efh Haskell

I've been told this isn't the proper tool but what do I know.

MG LaVerne

Bolt the arms on the pivots (not snug yet), bolt up the pan (make sure all holes are round, not oval, and bolts go from inside out), assemble the spindle and links (make sure the tubes are clean and smooth, and there is very little play between the tubes and bolt the bottom link to the arms (bolts go from back to front). Insert the spring.

If the engine is in the car, its weight will hold the car down so that you can just put a jack under the pan, lift until aligned, and bolt everything up. If the engine is out, run a chain around the bottom of the jack and over the top of the shock (pad to avoid marks), bolt two links together as tightly as possible, and jack up the pan that way.

That's the short of it, although there are many more details to make things better/easier.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I knew he would pop up with that tractor! He's using it to "simulate" the weight of the engine. Without some weight the whole shebang will raise up in the air when you pump the floor jack. (Don't ask me how I know!)
efh Haskell

l.f. Frank -- Go to the link below and then scroll down quite a bit until you come to a heading, "January 11 - 18, 2010, Front Suspension". There you will find photos and a lengthy discussion of how I eventually, with help from folks on this BBS, got new front springs installed.

LaVerne has us all beat with his tractor technique.

Hope this helps -- John
John Brickell

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