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MG TD TF 1500 - Front suspension Rebuild

Am in the process of rebuilding the front suspension of my TD after discovering a broken spring. I intend to replace all the rubber bushes in the A arms and trunnion seals.
What is the current feeling on using MGB V8 rubber or poly bushes. Dont want too harsh a ride. The car will be mainly used on A roads in the UK. Read some reports on the poly bushes squealing.
Also have read that some supplies of trunnion and king pin rubber seals have cracked after a short time. Is this still the case, and who is the best UK supplier.
Pleased to receive your feedback.

I absolutely recommend V8 a-arm bushings. I put them in my MGB years ago, and I have them in my TD. I noticed no harshening of the ride and they seem to last forever.
Steven Tobias

John Twist changed my TF to this 10 years complaints!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

I think that you will find that ALL of the rubber seals/parts that are made now will not have a very long life if you use the car! If any one does have a source of QUALITY RUBBER parts, I would also like to know of them.

Steve Wincze

have a look at this site I've fitted poly bushes on front suspension and rear springs during my rebuild. Ride is excellent. I

regards Chris
C A Pick

I forgot to mention there are 2 grades, performance and comfort I fitted the comfort grade.

Regards Chris
C A Pick

I have Moss poly bushings in the front & rear suspension, and sway bar bushings, ( stock MGB sway bar) about 24,000 miles & no wear, and unlike the V8 bushings, I did not have to worry about tightening the fasteners when the chassis was on the ground, or the inner sleeves rusting, freezing to the shaft.Ride quality? I installed the MGB R/B HP 480# front springs, soft ride, no, does it go around a corner, YES.
Len Fanelli

Have poly bushings in 1 car - used V8 bushings in the the other car. V8 bush equipped car rides significantly harsher,but could certainly be tire or shock differences. Will probably use poly from now on as they have lived 7 years with no issues and are certainly friendlier to work with than the steel and rubber V8 components. Have always used supplied lube during install-never had a noise problem. Been using the same lube on the rubber components to help keep the materials pliable. So far so good. Dan
Dan Craig

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