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MG TD TF 1500 - Front TD brake backing plates

Putting front suspension back together. Have pictures of left front plate with small hole between 4 mounting holes towards the front.On the right side plate, does the hole go as well to the front or to the rear? Does the triangle have any significant meaning, pointing up? Does the RH stamp read up or upside down? Bob
R.AF. Robert Finucane

Hi Bob. You're ahead of me, I'm currently painting the back plates. The small hole on the RH plate goes to the front. The triangle is the Lockheed logo and probably has no signficance. On my car the RH stamp reads the correct way up, but again, I do not know whether that is the case for all these cars. Matt
Matt Davis

I believe the backplates are symetrical about the vertical axis EXCEPT for the small hole. As long as you have the forward brake cylinder pointing down (towards the adjuster) and it is mounted in a lower plane than the rear brake cylinder to clear the steering arm, your backplates and the cylinders are correct.

A lot of pictures of the correct orientation on my website (

Dave Braun

Thanks Matt and Dave, you have confirmed my belief as far as orientation. Still curious about the small mystery hole. May have some application on a Y or some other car.
Dave, Your website continues to surpass any shop or restoration manual. I still review my video taken 30 years ago when I disassembled my first TD. I still record every odd thing I've found on this car (#6861), the biggest thing I have found is that most of the car had been taken apart at some point and put back with different odd bolts and NO WASHERS anywhere.
R.AF. Robert Finucane

i just removed the front right backing plate from my '53 TD--it had never been taken off before-the triangle did point upward----

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