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MG TD TF 1500 - Front Trim Panels TF

Can I fit the front trim panels to my TF without removing the dash board? It looks as though I may be able to remove the corner bolt and push the panel up??

Jan T
J Targosz


Yes you can if you apply sufficient force and slightly dish the panel as you push it into position. Be conscious of sharp edges on the dash fixing bracket.

I have had mine in and out numerous times adjusting door locks.

G Evans

Hi Jan,

I agree with Graeme, assuming you have the proper flexible millboard. A bit harder on the passenger side, where the foot rest gets in the way, but perfectly achievable if done carefully and slowly.

I said as much on a thread a few weeks ago when it was suggested the dash, steering wheel etc had to be removed !



J C Mitchell

Thanks guys,

I have now done a trial fit with the old panels and it is quite possible. I was hoping to use the original backing boards which are in good condition apart from the cut outs for the lock striker plates - they are about 10mm to low. Does anyone have a UK source for suitable fibre or other board. An alternative would be to repair the original backers. Could I do this with resin an glass fibre tape?

Jan T
J Targosz

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