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MG TD TF 1500 - Front wing support plate

Hi Everyone,

The attached picture shows an oval support plate which is fitted to each of my 51 TD front wings located underneath the headlight bracket. On one side the oval shaped plate is securely fixed to the wing and on the other appears to be coming away as the picture shows.

My question is were these oval plates fitted originally or were these an addition by a previous owner, and whether they were spotwelded to the wing or just held in place by the headlanp bracket bolts.

Thanks for your help,


David Tinker

I think they were original to reinforce that part ofthe wing.
R J Marshall

Original and spot welded.
George Butz


my 51 TD has the same support plates,( and they look similar)which seems to be necessary because I had some vibration cracks there.

Looks like they are welded only in the centre.

I will embed the headline bracket- wing connection between 2 rubbers ( the rubber under wing is not offered by moss, only by others) and big washers below.
I hope, this will do.
especially because my TD/C was ( and again will be ) fitted with german Bosch 8" headlights

MT Trykowski

Hi RJM and George,

Thanks for your observations. The dimensions of the oval plates looked as though they are too symetrical not to be an original fitment.

Michael could you expand on your solution. I also have a crack appearing around the exterior paintwork which I am planning to attend to this winter.I was not aware that suppliers offered a solution to this and my catalogue from Moss Europe makes no mention of this.

My other concern is when travelling on motorways which I will be doing again on the 31st of August. We shall be travelling up the M6 to the west of Manchester UK en- route to the Lake district for our annual MG weekend in Kendal.

With very dense traffic around Manchester and with up to 3 lanes of traffic entering the M6 motorway from the left in some places my greatest fear is for the fuel pump or some other component to fail at this point.

I have had my TD for more than 20 yrs and I have never had a problem with it( other than a door flying open) but a situation such as this haunts me.

From my experience fuel pump failure and ignition problems are the archilies heel of the T series and I am considering adding an additional fuel pump( like the MK2) and converting it to electronic action together with electronic ignition.

I would appreciate your collective thoughts on this.

Many thanks,

David Tinker

As George said, the reinforcement plate is spot welded to the wing. You have one or more spot welds that need to be repaired. If you look closely at the plate, you may be able to see a slight indentation in the metal where the original welds were located.
Jim Merz

David - See the article, Backup Fuel Pump in the SU Fuel Pump Articles section of my web site at: for information on installing a permanently installed, switchable fuel pump in your car. If the primary pump fail, all you have to do is flip a switch and continue on your way. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Great idea and article Dave. I will be following this advice once I've got a few things tidied up.
All the best
J Harrison

Hi David,
what is going on at the Lakes this weekend?
TF 2884
Ray Lee


abingdon spares and anglo parts ( but not moss) offer a rubber pad under the wing so that at the connection headlamp holder-the metal of the wing is buffered between two layers of rubber. (naturally you may cut this rubber yourself) I think, this gives more flexibility and the metal of the wing is not so much bended due to vibrations.

I don't know if this is original but for me it makes sense
(hope my english is good enough)

MT Trykowski

Hi Ray,

The 'Lakes w/e' has been an annual MG event that has been held for 25 odd years and so called because it was first held in the Lake District but in recent years has been held in other parts of the country ie Harrogate, Wales, and the Midlands but now this year is returning to the area based in Kendal at the Crooklands Hotel from Friday pm to Monday. This event has never been advertised.

Usually attended by 25 or so mainly T Types but also other MGs both earlier and later models.

We gather on the Friday evening the 31st August for dinner and there is a run out on the Saturday and Sunday and a walking treasure hunt on Monday afternoon. Each evening, after dinner there is a quiz with marks totalled with the treasure hunt and prizes awarded.

This is one event I will never miss!

Should you want further information contact me offline.



David Tinker

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