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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel Filter - Brass

When I first had my TD it had a nasty little plastic fuel filter on the bulkhead just below the SU pump.

Cheap and easy to just use and throw away when blocked of course but it looked horrid.

I replaced it with a chrome and glass one from eBay. It looked better but still didnt look right.

I have just had a brass fiter made up. See the enclosed picture.

It is not correct of course - but I just love the look of it.

I may be being over cautious, but on my car between the petrol in the tank and the needle in the carb there are now no less than 4 fuel filters.

The normal screen in the tank. One before the fuel shut off valve and backup/pusher pump at the back of the car. One just before the SU pump (shown below). And the normal "little hat" filter on the carb itself.

BUT I am not sure how to mount this brass filter. If I just connected it "in line" before the SU pump it would rattle against the bulkhead.

Has anyone got any ideas?

Ray Coyte

Nice, I use the Moss filter that is Polished and has no glass but it is good lookin..
Tom Maine

Ray - That would do justice to the Nautilus. I do hope that you are going to mount it somewhere between the pump and the carburetors. I also hope that you will remove the external filters between the fuel tank and the SU fuel pump. Both the external fuel pump and the carburetors are extremely tolerant of of the fine rust particles, while the SU fuel pump is not very tolerant to a clog on the inlet side. If the filters between the tank and the pump become clogged and the pump is still powered up (as during troubleshooting), you can wind up burning the internal swamping resistor in the fuel pump. This will not show up as a problem right away, but will result in the points deteriorating prematurely. Worse, when the burned points are replaced, they will also wear out prematurely also, bringing forth complaints about the terrible SU fuel pumps that are a piece of junk. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

I had one something like that but found that I had enough fine sediment in my tank to plug it, thus began a 3 month investigation why the hell it would stop after 20 minutes of running.

Went with the cheap plastic ones. I'd love to find one of those nice brass sediment bowl types used on the old tractors etc. I need to follow up on that......some day.
L Rutt

That is such a beautiful piece of art that it should be mounted right n
beside the rear view mirror.
Hide another type filter somewhere in the system but show off the fantastic machine work to the MG world.

I had the same idea- on the dash, between glove box and center panel would be my choice ;-)

Mike Fritsch

Pretty. Perhaps a nice brass bracket with finials to mount it to the bulkhead would be in order.

Here's another alternative filter. The aluminum top can be polished. These can be found on a number of cars, I suppose, but I'm familiar with it as being the standard installation on my E-type. Easy to mount and has a look of its own. There is a paper filter element that fits inside it, should you decide not to rely solely on the mesh screen that comes with it.

David Littlefield


I agree clogged inlet filter(s) would put a strain on an SU pump.

As it happens I drive my car every week and mostly use the facet pump I have mounted near the tank. I switch over to the SU when I am on a run to make sure she still is operating ok.

It is only the tank screen filter that is at risk of clogging as it's the any event the others on the inlet side are see thru.

As a result of your post, you have prompted me to remove the tank filter. I would rather have any rust particles exit the tank and be trapped by the first external filter where I can quickly check each month to see any debris and take action to clean it off the filter.

Seems to me now that any filter in the tank is simply keeping the debris and junk in the tank with no way of knowing if there is a clogging problem that would put undue strain on the SU.

As for your accusation that my brass filter looks like something out of the Nautilus. You are right it does.

It is like most of us. Stylish, good looking, characterful, practical, fun and looks old!

Ray Coyte

"It is like most of us. Stylish, good looking, characterful, practical, fun and looks old!"

Well, I got the "looks old" part - turned 68 today.

Safety Fast!! (but not often)

J K Chapin

I have had the fuel filter on my car between the tank and the pump for over 10 years. I have never had a problem with lack of fuel. It is the Moss filter that they sell in the catalog.
Tom Maine

Just came across this similar filter on a TA. This is from the current issue of Totaly T Type.
A beautiful brass piece, for sure.

'54 TF
T Norby

Beautiful piece, way too pretty to run rusty gas through. George
George Butz

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