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MG TD TF 1500 - fuel inlet needle seat stripped threads

Hi Everyone, Recently I stripped the threads in the float bowl cover of my '54 mgtf. These are the threads that the inlet needle seat threads into. I just replaced the cover. Anyone have an idea of how to fix the problem? Thanks, George
GH Higginson

Hi George,

I suspect that all you can do is find a new cover. There have been long discussions on this site on how modern petrol eats away every type of sealant or putty known to man. Burlen Services, Southern Carburettors and Gower and Lee would be able to sell you a new lid but they are all in the UK


J Targosz

Moss has them,
Front cover-375-058
Rear Cover-375-068
$76.99 ea. PJ

Saying that, Check out Master Bond products. PJ

Use a little anti seize on all the fine threads when you assemble. You can even use a very small amount of Hylomar smeared into the threads as an alternative. both of these products should seal the threads and keep galling to a minimum.
... CR
C.R. Tyrell

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