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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel pump question and comment

I recall problems when the SU electronic pumps first came out. Does anyone remember what the issue was, how big a problem it was and the resolution? My original pump I rebuilt years ago died, and I installed a briefly used spare one that likely was from the initial batch today. Comment: With the outlet from the pump removed to examine a likely stuck valve disk, do not stick your face over it and tap the pump with a screwdriver handle while the switch is on. Ouch!
George Butz

George - The problem with the all electronic SU fuel pumps from Burlen Fuel Systems was nothing more than an improper adjustment. I don't know how many of the electronic fuel pump I wound up readjusting the 'Hall mask' to get them set properly. It became obvious to me after readjusting the Hall mask on a dozen or so all electronic pumps.

"With the outlet from the pump removed to examine a likely stuck valve disk"... Yes, one should never do that. Just a point of information - it is exceedingly rare to have a valve stuck in a SU fuel pump unless the pump has been sitting with fuel in it long enough for the fuel to evaporate and become jelly. Smacking a SU fuel pump to get it to run is the result of causing the points to move enough to cause them to conduct (or in the case of the all electric fuel pump to move the magnet far enough to cause the Hall device to conduct) from the hit. If you run into an all electronic SU fuel pump that doesn't run properly, contact me and I'll send you information on how to adjust the Hall mask.
Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Thanks Dave. You called it- the car had been sitting for 3-4 months and the gas smelled rotten. Could you send the adjustment directions to me just in case? info at drbutz dot com Thanks, George
George Butz

This thread was discussed on 06/11/2017

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