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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel Pump replacement

Has anyone had experience (positive or negative) with the replacement solid-state SU fuel pumps from Moss Motors? This is their part number 377-205. The old L-type on TD 0581 is beyond life support, pumping little or no fuel and is ready for replacement.

Thanks for the hlep, everyone.

Charlie Duffy
Healdsburg, CA
Charles Duffy

Have it rebuilt as solid state by Dave DuBois.

Tom Lanmge
MGT Repair
t lange

Charlie - You have e-mail. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

I had mine rebuilt with the solid state bits by a guy in NSW who advertises on Ebay, when I got it the pump looked like it had just come from the rubbish tip the rubber diaphragm/gasket was ripped and torn where the faces bolt together apparently that happened when the builder buffed it with a wire buff, 6 weeks in the car it stopped working, 12 months warranty but I just could not be bothered.
I have heard great reports about Dave's pumps but of course shipping is costly to and from Aus.
G Mills

Second Tom Lange... have Dave Dubois rebuild it!
Geoffrey M Baker

My rebuilt pump ( I use that terminology loosely) started working again, glad I kept the original pump which will be going back on.

G Mills

Why not buy direct from Burlen SU, be surprised if there is not an agent in the US.

I saved mammoth dollars purchasing my SUs and fuel pump direct from the UK.

If you check their web site you will find there are plenty of pump options and kits to rebuild your total fuel system.

G Evans

Yep I made a huge mistake Graeme, purchased a electronically converted pump from NSW, what a waist of $150 or so.
G Mills

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