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MG TD TF 1500 - Fuel Pump - too much pressure?

Can you tell me if the Facet cube fuel pump on my '55 TF is the appropriate model? The label has this designation:

I couldn't find the numbers on the Facet-Purolator site, on the Moss site, or on the NAPA site.

My Harbor Freight vacuum / fuel pressure gauge shows 5-psi fuel pressure at the carburetors.

The car has run extremely rich ever since I bought it three months ago. I rebuilt the dirty / leaking carbs with SU Master Rebuild kits, plus new jet needles and rebushed throttle bodies for the shafts. They still run rich. I can lean the jet adjusting nuts to closed or near closed and still seems to run rich.

So, I thought that maybe the pump is supplying too much pressure. However, the float bowls are not overflowing.

If my pump is the wrong one, any thoughts about these pumps from NAPA?

NAPA Part Number: BK 6101052
Manufacturer Part Number : 40104
Fuel Pump Gallons Per Hour : 25 gph
Fuel Pump Pressure Rating : 1.5 - 4 psi
$48.15 /ea

NAPA Part Number: BK 6102403
Manufacturer Part Number : 40178
Fuel Pump Gallons Per Hour : 15 gph
Fuel Pump Pressure Rating : 2 - 3.5 psi
$67.50 /ea

NAPA Part Number: BK 6102001
Manufacturer Part Number : 40288
Fuel Pump Gallons Per Hour : 30 gph
Fuel Pump Pressure Rating : 3 - 4.5 psi
$62.55 /ea

NAPA Part Number: BK 6101051 (not cube)
Manufacturer Part Number : FEP04SV
Fuel Pump Gallons Per Hour : 23 gph
Fuel Pump Pressure Rating : 1.5 - 4 psi
$48.60 /ea

If you feel that the pump is not my problem, then I will post a separate plea for help with my carburetors.

Thanks for your help,


LM Cook

I've always been fine with an SU on the car; I've not needed a Facet pump.

Did you put in the needles so that the flat is at the bottom of the piston, and not pushed in all the way?

Have you checked the fuel height in the float chamber? That's often the cause of rich running. Also, be sure both floats do...

Tom Lange
MGT Repair.
t lange

Lonnie - 5 psi is too high a pressure for any MG. If you have it mounted under the bonnet I would suggest the Manufacturer Part Number : 40178, if it is mounted in the back of the car by the fuel tank then any of them that has 4 psi or less should work. The absolute best pump to get is the OEM Low Pressure SU fuel pump and mount it under the bonnet in the original location.
David DuBois

I would say to check your floats. I had a PILE of them that were sinkers. Take the float covers off and remove the floats and give them a shake. If you hear ANY sloshing, they are shot. I finally replaced mine with some from XK's unlimited (though I see moss now carries them) that are made of plastic. Since the change, I've not had any issues.

Additionally while you have the lids off, check the fuel height as Tom suggests.

Alex Waugh

Here is a fuel pressure regulator.

gl krukoski

Thanks. You guys have come to my rescue again!

I'll buy a lower pressure Facet pump. NAPA P/N BK 6101052 (Facet P/N 40104) seems to be the same as Moss P/N 377-420 for $30 less.

Moss suggests inserting a fuel filter between the tank and the pump. Most posts that I have read on this BBS say to not put a filter between the tank and the pump because the pump could burn out if the filter gets clogged.

I agree that an SU pump would be the best choice. The car has a lot of issues that I am working through to get road worthy for an all British car show and a GOF, both in April. If the previous owner modified the fuel lines to install the Facet, I don't have time to correct them, so I will install another Facet for now and upgrade to an SU after April.

> Tom -
++ Yes, I set the flat shoulder of the needles flush with the bottom of the piston using the blade of a screwdriver as Lawrie Alexander showed in his video.
++ Stupid question: How do I check the fuel height in the float chamber? How high should it be?

> Dave -
The fuel pump is mounted to the frame by the gas tank. That is the original location for my TF7211.

> Alex -
I inspected and shook the floats when I rebuilt the carbs. All seemed OK.

> Gary -
Thanks for the link to the pressure regulator. I'll replace the pump to avoid adding another part that may fail. This lil car is making me a little gun-shy!

Thanks again for your help and suggestions,

LM Cook

Lonnie - not at all stupid questions! We all have learned by doing, and from advice.

I suggest you look through the archives, where there is a great deal on setting fuel height. You Do look in the archives, don't you???

Like oils, you will find that people have different opinions about which is the "best" fuel pump. Each has plusses and minusses, IMHO. I still like a standard SU pump with Dave DuBois' solid-state modification, which makes for a perfectly fine pump without too much pressure. By the time you have bought the wrong Facet, a NAPA pump, fuel lines, filters, etc., you could have a reliable SU.

But each to his own!

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Tom -

Yep, I devour the archives. I'm still learing the definition of terms like "bridge" etc.

I've ordered a Facet pump from NAPA -- 1.5-4psi. Should be in the store tomorrow. I'll install, then set up the carbs again from scratch.

May install an SU pump after my rush to get ready for April shows.

- Lonnie
LM Cook

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