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MG TD TF 1500 - grose valves

Where can I buy grose jets in the UK
Anybody know?
j c rathbone

Moss sell them. If you don't use the car regularly they can stick closed so the float chambers won't fill up. You won't know if only one is sticking as the ticking fuel pump will make you think all is well. When you start up, you get a misfire so you tap the chambers to free the stuck grose jet and all is well.
david burgess

Hi John - David's advice is sound - don't waste your money - the modern 'tipped' needles give little trouble ! What made you want to use them ?

Cheers John.
J.C Mitchell

Thanks for the information. If you read reports on the internet they say how good they are. I thiught I would give them a try because I've nothing but trouble with both original valves, particularly the front one. Will remember the advice on sticking shut though.
j c rathbone

I have been using grose jets for some fifteen years, including some three years the car has been out of order. I commend them highly.

Denis L Baggi

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