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MG TD TF 1500 - Hey Fletcher...out there?

Send you an email this morning but think it might have "bounced back".
Grace & John or on their way to my house today!

If you don't make it ...I have the names to sign the car for you.
David Sheward

Google mail was dead from 3PM yesterday until 2 hrs ago. Stuff coming through in fits & starts, but not from you.
OK now I think.
Send me schedule and task list if known, please.

FR Millmore

Grace made it. We went to a car show in Newark where she picked up some names and took some kids for rides.

Reworked some fuel lines, fixed a leak in her gas tank, installed a new fuel pump, new points and some other minor things and she left at 5:00am on her way to Chicago.

I'll post some pics of names added when I find my camera!

David Sheward


What, no generator/alternator repair...?

Is that issue really fixed...?

The AH is getting a lot of attention,
how is the driver doing...? He needs
some good attention too. You know, burgers,
fries, and cherry pies....

Plus sleep and vitamins.

Many tks for the updates.

BTW....How come your ' desk ' is
so small....?



Let me know you got an email with some pic's!
Genny has been good ..we spent most of our time concentrating on leaking fuel problems!

They are coming back this way in a few weeks for a race at MidOhio and John wants to tackle putting the amp meter in then as a diaganastic tool.

I will start a new thread to update the Grace Story.
David Sheward

David -
Got it, gracias!
Next time let me know a bit sooner, or answer yr damn phone!
I could possibly be talked into a trip to Mid Ohio, what race, what date?

Agree with DrRx, we gotta take care of the man as well as the beast.

FR Millmore

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