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MG TD TF 1500 - Jorg's middle-dash instruments

Gents -

Here we are.

Ignition/light switch is on outboard side of the dash [other side of tach and speedo, right hand side, right hand drive,] and if you look carefully you can see the standard-sized 12-volt outlet in the top left above the glovebox - it's a marine piece with a sealed rubber top. Left-side gauges are Jaeger oil temp and Moss vacuum gauge. Red jewel in the middle is the rheostat for the heater fan [which is an underseat heater from a 1953 Pontiac, nestled up underneath the scuttle.] Center toggle flips horizontally for turn signal. Right of that is a pushbutton for the starter - no pull starter, we changed the solenoid. Furthest right will be for the fuel pump - always turn it off with the ignition, and if the car gets hot-wired and swiped for a joyride, it'll only get as far as the fuel in the float bowl.

Small steps...


Dave Jorgensen

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