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MG TD TF 1500 - Leaky Shock/vibration

I finally got to the bottom of the "stealthy" vibration at 50 mph. What was happening was a nasty little vibration that kicked in around 50 mph, drive another mile or so and it went away. Looked at all the usual suspects and could not find any "loosness". So Saturday I got it up on stands removed the wheels and startede tapping everything with a 3 lb dead blow. Nothing!!! pulled the upper arm bolt and lifted the arm up and down and found something interesting. I had a side to side (fore / aft) wiggle in the arm (about 1/16") indicating a clearance (over sized) in the shaft/housing bearing. So this would be a fore to aft "wiggle" not easily detected. The assembly would seem solid to normal pushing and pulling.

Okay, so I'll remove and send the shock out for a rebuild.

But here's the issue...... I very patiently refilled the shock, I got about 2 more teaspoons in than normal, and the fore/aft wiggle tightened right up and everything is now solid. Put the wheels back on and she drove perfectly. The question is......was that looseness normal?
Thanks Peter
Peter Dahlquist

...will follow this thread with interest....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Peter - It sounds like your shock is a candidate for rebuilding. I would suggest sending both rear shocks to Peter Caldwell at World Wide Auto Parts of Madison Peter has a way of rebuilding the shocks so that they are better than new and are guarantied not to leak - ever! It is definitely money well spent. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

David it's the right front. I'm going to drive another 100 miles this season. Then remove it and send it out. Would love to have a look inside the housing and find out why the looseness goes away. This side of me drives my wife nuts. Need to see for myself. I used to have a machine shop and metal fab business. I lease out all the equipment (at a loss-sign of the times). So I could go down and open, measure and figure it out. But this bulletin board has always leaned toward send it to Peter Caldwell.

best/ peter
Peter Dahlquist

Oh one more thing. The left front shock (and the 2 rear) are just fine. Would like to send just the one. Is that prudent or just plain cheap.
best/ peter 54 TF
Peter Dahlquist

If not rebuilding all 4 then at least I'd do them in pairs Peter. I could be wrong but I believe the shocks need a slight amout of air in the chamber to function properly. If you have the entire cavity filled I think you might risk damaging the shock housing. I could be wrong but I'd suggest you contact Peter to get the correct information.

The WSM says "fill up to the bottom the the filler hole".
I have the exact same issues as Peter. Leaky front shock, shimmy I cannot fix. I too am waiting until the end of the driving season so send it off to world wide for rebuild. I am only sending the bad one, because I have been driving on one leaky one for 2k miles. No problem, apart from the 55mph shimmy, whether it is full or empty of fluid.

'54 TF
Tom Norby

I really don't think it would be prudent to just do one shock,,, just because a shock is not leaking doesn't mean that it is not warn out and not orerating correctly,,, Do both sides!

Steve Wincze

Hi Peter,
I have a vibration around 55/60 mph but it was never consistant, it came and went. My wheels (steel) are not true and tyre squirm is very evident, I decided that ever now and again they sychronised with each other.I marked both front tyres with paint and every time I got the vibration I checked the wheel position.
Over 90% of the time the wheels were in the same relative position. Now I just circle a car park or block until the next time it happens.
Nobody in the UK straightens steel wheels and I am not laying out for wires because of a slight inconvenience.
TF 2884
Ray Lee

Ray; Do you have to go around counter-clockwise?

Just to clarify the leaky shock, In the beginning I would fill until resistance was continuous and eaqual up/down. I did find that if I slowly went down I got another 2 tablespoons of fluid in. A slight up stroke dumped a small amount out and the level was at the bottom of the thd'd hole.

Peter Dahlquist

of course I go counter-clockwise, we drive on the left here.
Ray Lee

I drove over there for a few weeks years back. Got pretty good on some back roads. Kept thinking I was throwing my wife into the bushes though. The larger problem was driving highways back here when I got back!
Peter Dahlquist

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