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MG TD TF 1500 - LED Headlights

The sealed beams on our 54 TF need replacing. LED is an option and the prices quoted are from 155 per pair to 345 per pair. This includes the LED and the light/lens assembly.

1. I am told that the reflectors may not match the LED and so are not particularly good because they throw the light all over the place.
2. That such an arrangement maybe illegal in the UK.

Can anyone advise and what experience do people have with LED headlights?

Bob Marshall
R J Marshall

See full info in the links below, lot of it, and note not all LEDs are equal, things are still developing, improving and updating even now.

"Strictly speaking, LED bulbs aren't road legal but this is really because the technology has moved quicker than the law.

We have to advise customers that all our bulbs have to be sold for off road use only."

Note other brands and suppliers are available - I think MGOC Spares does H4 LED to match the new 7" reflector/lenses which would be legal(?) as both are E marked.
Nigel Atkins

Very expensive compared to a few euros for a good old Edison bulb !
Are you really driving often at night and in traffic jams ?

The dynamo can supply the headlight current as soon as the engine revs.
And even if you're stuck in traffic, let's say the battery stores 40Ah. For 2 35 W bulbs it will last 6 hours in slow traffic. Lets say 2 hours, not to discharge the battery and taking into account ignition current, dashboard backlight and fuel pump.

I don't think there is a real need to do so.


LC Laurent31

Haven't got to LEDs yet, but have tried various headlights over the years: H4 halogen, different wattages and so on. I've read that Cibie reflectors are the best, but haven't tried them. Haven't seen a great improvement when swapping around over good old Lucas sealed beams (do they still do them?). What is critical is that all 12v reach the lights, so worth checking connectors, cabling, switches and so on.
Peter Allen

I have installed LED headlight bulbs from Classic Dynamos and Regulators in my MG PA and am quite pleased with them.

As a side note, I manufacture a full range of LED conversions for front marker, turn signal, tail, and brake lights. Kits for most MGs from 1931 to 1962 are available, along with over 350 other British cars. Each kit is specifically designed as an exact fit into each different lamp.

Lew Palmer

I rarely drive at night. Nonetheless, I recently installed LED headlights from LBC in both my '53 TD and my '62 MGA. I use the headlights as daytime running lights and like having very low current draw. I have no idea about their legality but I am pleased with the performance. The LED combo taillight/stop light was too long for the round taillights of my TD although the fit easily into the rectangular fixtures of my neighbor's '51 TD. Not being a purist, I simply swapped the flat lenses for the conical lenses from a spridget.

J. K. Chapin

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