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MG TD TF 1500 - LHD Master Cylinder Adjustment

I have just put in a complete new brake system in our 52. I thought I adjusted the master cylinder actuating rod the same as the old one but find it travels too far before creating pressure.
The system has been bled and no air remains, the shoes are adjusted as per the manual.
How can I adjust the length of the master cylinder rod without removing it and having to bleed again.
I cannot get my old bones to bend so that I can see down into the pedal box from above.
Thank you in advance for all suggestions.
Norm Peacey

Norm, look at Section M.1 of the Workshop Manual. The adjustment is only to affect the distance that the pedal moves before the piston begins to move. It's like the clutch pedal free play. Travel after contact is a hydraulic/mechanical issue. Bud
Bud Krueger

Thanks Bud, M.1 is very clear, my problem is adjusting the rod to obtain the 1/2" of pedal travel before moving the piston. Mine is too great and I want to adjust the rod length. Can that be done without removing the master cylinder?
Norm Peacey

I think you will have to face the beastly pedal box one way or another. If you can get to the rod/locknut by pulling the cylinder, that may be easiest. Otherwise have to crawl in and look from the top, not sure if there is room. George
George Butz

Norm, I don't see how it can be done from the top. I would say the side plate has to come off and make the adjustment from under the car. If there's a lift available for you to put the car on, it will make the job a lot easier. I don't envy your task! Like doing brain surgery on a mouse! PJ
Paul sr

Norm, I did it a couple of weeks ago when I changed master cylinders for the silicon swap. As Paul said, you have to get into the side of the pedal box. You need two wrenches, one is to loosen the jam nut and the other is to rotate the push rod. It's a messy job, jut it is doable.
Removing the master cylinder would give easier access to the adjusters, but you wouldn't know when you had the adjustment right without the master cylinder in place. Ah, the world of Catch-22. Bud
Bud Krueger

Sounds like it might be easiest to pull the floor access panel and side plate so the pedal can be moved as the adjustment is made. At least all the parts are new.
Not fortunate enough to have a lift, that is after the Lotto win.
Thanks for the help.
Norm Peacey

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