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MG TD TF 1500 - 'Little T' history

Here is a pic of Little T's owner Michael Applegate a couple times back and the one who originally took the TD apart; of course he is in a TF which was the car he and his wife courted in. He sold the car to get married and his wife Diane (still married) bought the TD for him as a wedding using wedding cars tunbridge wells present sometime around 1972.

Richard Taylor

Here he is a little while later with the TD behind him all in one piece. Well, except for maybe the front bumper and I believe he was using a tow bar on it.

Richard Taylor

Here is the TD in his garage after the body has been removed. The frame looks great and I believe that is the original paint.

Richard Taylor

Now we jump forward and here is the tags finally back on after almost 40 years. Notice a PO drilled through one and mounted something at some point. There was a corresponding hole in the scuttle but I had it filled before painting. The color is terrible in this pic the battery went dead and I barely got this snapped.

Richard Taylor

That is so have old photos...

My p/o mentioned he had 'scads' of photos in albums, but 'they are out in the shed somewhere and I just can't get to them'...(and they would go back to '69)

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