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MG TD TF 1500 - Low fuel warning sensor

i installed the fuel sender today. all went pretty well. although it took some work to get my light to come on. i had tested the switch before it went in to make sure i had a connection when the float was down. but the light was not working. traced it back and the actual light was not getting a connection on the one terminal. ended up taking it apart and used another washer under the one there to get a good connection. then i used a plastic washer to insulate that post from the center post. connection good but still no light. soon realized that my tank was not grounded to the frame. guess it is held in place by all rubber and wood blocks. so i found a little flange at the end of the tank that i could run a wire from to the frame and ground it. light worked great after that. put gas back in the tank. looks like the light will come on with about 3 gallons still in the tank.

only thing that came up was when i was pumping out the tank. i used the fuel pump to run the fuel out. As i was running the pump i started to notice what looked to be vapor at the seal where the motor meets the pump. the more i ran the pump the more the vapor seam to turn into fluid. at first i thought it might even be some condensation with the warm motor and the cold gas coming thru it. but i think now it was gas vapor. not enough to ever get a drip but it did form there. so i guess now to i need to take the pump apart and see if i can run some sealant on the seal. maybe ethanol causing the gasket to start breaking down?
i have some permatex left over from the sender unit and was hoping i could put that on the gasket to get a better seal. is this vapor the way these pump seals start to fail? anything i should know before pulling that pump apart?

TLW Wright

i believe my pump is a solid state replacement pump. same overall look but the the terminals are different.
TLW Wright

A picture would help. Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Here you go. It is a Hugo pump or so it looks like that on the cover.

TLW Wright

I removed the pump this morning and looked it over. I smeared a very tiny bead of permatex on the edge where it was showing a little leak. It should not hamper the pump or the motor. I am thinking the only reason I showed that little bit of a leak was that there was no back pressure on the pump. It allowed the diaphragm to leak some vapor?
We shall see. Buttoned it back up and plan to test later today.
TLW Wright

There should not be vapors or fluid leaking from your pump. The vapors are ignitable by a simple spark source. Mearly smearing permatex is not a proper fix. It is likely the diaphragms are deteriorated. Re-kit the pump or replace it.

Also and it's JMHO. Get rid of those hose barbs and screw clamps and use a proper threaded connection on your fuel system. These too are prone to leakage over time from cracking from the clamps


Bill Chasser
Bill Chasser Jr

Mr. Wright,

I wanted to mention also that your outlet from the fuel pump should also have a brass, right-angle fitting so that the fuel line is not bent as it travels forward to the rear carb.

Best regards

That length of rubber fuel hose is why your low fuel lamp was not grounded. Bud
Bud Krueger

In addition to Bud's comment and correct me if I am wrong but I believe the ground for the fuel tank is actually the metal fuel line.
Mark Stolzenburg
Chesterfield, MO
Mark Stolzenburg

All good points. I now have a list to work on.
TLW Wright

i sent you an email with some questions.
TLW Wright

good call on the pump. i decided to buy a new may be my imagination but it seems to run better. not that it ran bad before but just seems better. maybe a more consistent fuel flow...

i have not done anything with the inlet side yet. i need to work on that. hoping i can find someone who may have replaced their line and have about 16" of their old one left with the nut. if i can't then i will go to plan B.

TLW Wright

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