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MG TD TF 1500 - (MG : T-Series MG TD #221816602025)

I believe we have seen this totally originally TD before.
I sent the seller a message and ask him if all the red showing through here and there hinted the car may have been red.
Notice also the flat oil pan and it is a later vin date.
Wood dash; anyone else see anything non-original on this totally original car.
Rich (TD 3983) Taylor

You can see blue overspray on the interior piping lower back driver's door, VIN plate, radiator header tank, and the tank strap rubber pieces have been painted. So it has at least been repainted. (The Original TD site says the clipper blue/red interior color combo is possible btw).The engine # 11121 is only a few off from mine- 11249, and I have the same flat oil pan, which is original to my car so that is correct. You can read 51 on the dynamo, so that is likely original. Lots of odds and ends are original- the mickey mouse air cleaner wingnut, etc. The dash is very modified-extra panel light, replacement ignition/light switch (with window), what looks to be a turn or high beam indicator lights and an added water temp gauge (with horn/dipper moved to the left of the dash). It has the 20/20 ammeter, which I thought was changed to 30/30 with the dished instruments? Moss lists the change over at car 10778, and rheostat from switch at 10701, this car has the plain switch. We know some of the change over numbers are not precise, so no way to know if that stuff came with the car or not. Overall a very original car, would be nice to restore or drive with patina.
George Butz

Other than the seats and door panels I don't see much original on this car. It has been refinished and hacked at about every place I can see in the pictures, and most of that done poorly.
Christopher Couper

From what I know, Clipper Blue was no longer a color option after the 51 model year . Clipper Blue TDs also only had biscuit interiors. Hence my car was done from research that I did.
TRM Maine
Steven Devine

Pretty flowery write up. Apart from the dash most of the plethora of non original bits are cosmetic & could be fairly easily rectified. I'd be concerned about what appears to be rust in the tub above the running boards. Pity the seller didn't include a close up of this area. It sure looks like an original red on red car & I'm not convinced that the respray is actually Clipper Blue, as it seems a tad too dark. Also I'm curious about the speedo cable path, (not critical just curious) & what is that thing hanging above the muffler? What I did find useful was seeing the D nut at the front of the floorboard & the single T nut for the gearbox filler cover plate. I kinda thought that there may be two. I also believe the trim to be original & the shape of the front quarter panel trim piece with it's gentle curve around the scuttle hoop suggests that CR's drawing of the floorboards is correct. Also nice to see the original rubber core on top of the door trim. Currently $5,655. I'd happily pay that! Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

The original Clipper Blue color seems to show up under the fenders and on the inside of the bonnet. Note it is distinctly different (lighter and has more green in it) than this terrible repaint.

If it is Clipper Blue originally with a red interior it would be rare from that standpoint, but ...

Who knows what the reserve price is. Beyond $8k and you are wasting your money unless you like what you see. Even that is a stretch in my opinion.
Christopher Couper

The door panels look so ratty that I'm sure the seats are not original.They are offering the car at $23,000 on their website:
The last picture of the car in front of the Santa Barbara Mission had me do a Google search that lead me to the Goodman Reed website. They also have a TF 1500 for $32,000.
Joe Olson

This has to be one of the most miss represented cars I have ever seen. I really love the original sidecurtains that mysteriously have never been cut out and are missing all of their hardware.

And whats up with the piping along the dash that looks tan while the interior is red? It could just be fading but ...

I am glad people in Santa Barbara are rich so when this company dupes them, they will not even notice the hit.
Christopher Couper

Looks pretty nice to me, and while definitely some modifications to the instruments and dash, and upgrades like chrome headlamp buckets, looks to be in reasonable shape. At its current ebay price of $5880 its a deal, but who knows what it will go for. Obviously repainted, but what TD in good condition today hasn't been repainted?
Geoffrey M Baker

Ok, I didn't read the description, which is a bunch of.... Still a very decent car with a lot of original stuff, but more likely 10-12K? George
George Butz

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