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MG TD TF 1500 - MGTD-TF Hazardous Conditions Checklist

Im planning a summer driving Safety Hazard Inspection tech session for our clubs MG T-series & MGA's only and am preparing a checklist of potential hazards that should be looked for.

Items to check that unless corrected could result in a serious injury or tragedy, might include:
- nuts loosening or missing from bolts at leaf springs
- bolts missing (or loose) that hold the swivel at the (inboard) base of the triangular spring pan to the cross member of the chassis
- steering wheel retaining nut loose enough that it could vibrate off in time, resulting in steering wheel lift off while driving
- rubber boots over connecting cables on starter in engine compartment

If you have a checklist (your own or a clubs) that you could share with me (my email is above), it would be most appreciated! I welcome any other suggested items or suggestions as well!

Thank you in advance,

Safety fast!
Paul Hinchcliffe
Paul Hinchcliffe

Nearest club to me is 250 miles away, so personal checklist would include

tire pressure including spare
leaking shocks
frayed wiring
brake fluid leaks
worn suspension bushings
tire wear
all lights and signals functional
tie rod end play
e brake adusted and functional
check for exhaust leaks
fuel leaks and routing of overflow pipes
brake lining thickness and free of oil or grease
steering rack boot covers
working horn
working wipers (yea I know)



Email me a fax number and I will fax you a list I have at home of a safety checklist we've (the Minnesota T Register) used for our safety checks. I don't have an electronic copy. It's pretty comprehensive.

dave (dbraun99 at comcast dot net)
Dave Braun


Contact Rick Smith of the NE T-Register. He is the officer in charge of the "Safety Fast Program" and as such, conducts the safety checks at the GOFs. Been doing it for years, so it is well tried and true. His email is

Safety Fast


Paul - In my humble opinion, THE most important safety issue there is (and nobody talks about it), the overflow tubes being cut off too short and dripping on to a hot exhaust manifold. TRUE, you must have a sticking float, but it does and will happen. The proper maintainence is very simple and the cost is so minor it isn't even funny. LaVerne mentioned it in his list but it should be talked about ingreater detail. FWIW, I have a large supply of these restored using new tubing, if anybody needs a set I would be happy to supply them. Actually they are not hard to restore, just make sure you know what you are doing. AND while you at it and you have the bowls apart, check the float and needle ass'y. mick

Mick makes an excellent point ..and with a lot of people doing their first start-up from a long winters nap this time of year it's a good time to remind ALL :
If mine has sat for a while I turn on the key and pump then connect the battery switch whilst standing there with a screw driver ready to give a carb a little "wake-up" rap with the handle! SU CARBS make a great "eye-wash" if a float sticks ready for it...sooner or later it WILL happen!
Safety Cheers!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

In addition to stuck floats and needles, be sure to check for sunken floats. A rash of defective floats existed a while back with poor solder jobs. These spring a leak and sink. Always carry a spare!!

A sunken float and improper overflow is a fast way to ruin your day
Don Harmer

1) Battery cut-off switch not installed

2) Rubber boot missing from hot terminal on starter switch

3) fire extinguisher not installed
Mark Sherman

I note you have left off the number one safety hazard. The nut behind the steering wheel.
Bruce Cunha

Hey Bruce,
Is that the "indestructable" one in the suv w/the cell phone stuck to their face?
This is sad...I went to traffic court with one of my kids a while back. There was a driver there that had caused an accident and when the judge ask "would you like to make a statement to the court before I pass sentance?" they offered the following as an expalnation:
"I could not use my turn signal because I use my left hand for my cell phone". After the laughter died down...the judge was quick to point out the differance in "punishment" he had "planned" as opposed to "recieved" after this statement. This one will be off the road for a while! case ...the guy in for DUI wearing the Jack Daniels T shirt & Dale Earnhart ball-cap....Doohh!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

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