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MG TD TF 1500 - More early TD stuff

Here is one of the complete hood buffers

L E D LaVerne

Same reddish rubber. I didn't try to seperate it because it is so hard but it has the groove in the middle. I also did not try and expose the rivet that is covered by the rubber.

L E D LaVerne

Right size...wonder if these were for a Morris?

L E D LaVerne

In with a bag of stuff. I have no idea what it's from. I was thinking maybe an ignition face? Really have no idea.

L E D LaVerne

Wonder how this worked and if there was more to it?

L E D LaVerne

Christmas stocking stuffers!
R Biallas

Pedal rubbers are indeed Morris. My Wolseley 6/80 has the same pedal rubbers as the TD.

Nick (TD3232)
Nick Herwegh

Ah Ha! Nick....I suspected you would say your Wolseley has the same Pedal Rubbers...just inverted!

LaVerne...Here is a Guy on Ebay that has over 10 of the Barrett Brake Checker for sale

I have never seen one. Other side shows how to looks like they are using it as a gauge....either 1" or 2" of Pedal Travel to the Firewall/Floorboard.


M Brand

The washer-like thing is from the speedo drive at the gearbox.

Joe Olson

Hi, new member - old car guy here

Barrett Equipment manufactured brake service equipment for relining shoes, turning drums, arcing linings to fit and etc. The most notable being the old "Brake Doktor" which could arc shoes in situ. Still today a useful tool...
J Stone

L E D La Verne. Yes, your pedal pads are what was used on a very early Morris Minor before they went to the vertical grooved version also used on the MGTD.
John Quilter (TD8986)

Joe Olson: Great detective work. I had to make one of these for my car as it was missing.

Note at the other end there is a smaller version of these so the cable does not slip back through the housing away from the gauge.
Christopher Couper

Thanks fellas..

Another interesting find this morning. I'm in the process of putting together the front spindle assemblies and while laying them out along with the brake backing plate and making sure everything is going to the correct side I find that both bottom trunnions are stamped RH with the same numbers as well??? Hmmmm.... a little further investigation reveals that one is in fact for the left hand side but has just been stamped for the wrong side.

This is what I expected to find on one

L E D LaVerne

But instead found this on both... and yes it will be going back on the car after it gets cleaned up. Something for the next owner to be confused about.

L E D LaVerne

As joe Olsen pointed out it is a tach and speedo cable retention piece to keep the cable from walking into the sheath

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

The backing plates are RH and LH also.
I made the mistake But not on the wrong side.... I placed it 180 degrees around.
There is a small 1/4 " hole near the center. This must go toward the front of car.
I kept having the brakes locking up and had a hard time of it.
the difference is so small, but it really made a difference.

M Grogan

More interesting stuff.... at least to me. I expected the air filter assembly to be the same as was on my 52. It is not. My 52 assembly was a two piece affair with the lid fixed to the filter housing and the top having a raised embossed AC Filter stamped into it.

Probably old news to many but it was new to me.

3 piece affair,,, here is the number stamped on the body

L E D LaVerne

Oil fill level tag fixed inside. My memory tells me my 52 had no tag but was embossed....but the I really don't remember for sure.

L E D LaVerne

Te lid which was fixed to the filter on my 52.
Cork sealing ring here

L E D LaVerne

No raised AC Filter but instead stamped into the cover.

L E D LaVerne

Two of the 3 pieces in primer

L E D LaVerne

And the lid

L E D LaVerne

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