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MG TD TF 1500 - Moss - TD Chrome quality

Has anyone had any negative experience with new radiator grille slats from Moss (#454-180). These are made in Taiwan for Moss - should I be concerned about quality/long term durability?
Phil Atrill

When I got mine I sent them to a show quality plater and had them redone so I can't comment on the slats. But I can comment on the coiled spring just below the steering wheel. The chrome just peeled off little or no adhesion to the base metal of the spring.


Probably will be fine if you are going to paint them to match the interior... chrome these days from offshore isn't the greatest...there again some of the companies MG used in the '50's were not that great. The small chromed pieces... gear lever, steering wheel spring, rear tail light bezels were not the greatest material and not very good chrome. The Grill, headlights, bumpers certainly were high quality enough!

Can't help with the grill slats, but when I was rebuilding my TD I ordered some bumpers, which were made in Taiwan, from Moss. When they arrived the chrome was protected by a sticky Elastoplast type tape. When I pulled the tape off the chrome came with it!

Mike Christie

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