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MG TD TF 1500 - muffler installation question

1954 mgtf
Installing new muffler. It has pipe going in and pipe going out at the "top" of each end of muffler. Do I treat that as the top and let the muffler hang down from that point or rotate the muffler to have the pipes at the "bottom", fitting the muffler up under the floor board. If I rotate it & put it up above the frame do I have to worry about the heat? If I don't, will I lose the muffler when I go over anything in the road? I would appreciate your advice.
Ed Eastman

I installed mine with the muffler high in the frame. I have not noticed a heat problem. If it is down I believe it will be way too low and drag like a Healey. Have a good day!

John Progess

Not sure if this applicable, but on my TD I noticed that the PO had attached a piece of galvanized sheet metal and even though I noticed no charring or discoloration on the underside of the floor boards, I had the same question, so I compromised instead of entirely higher or lower I rotated it on the axis half way up and down and had a satisfactory result (including an extremely high slope driveway and garage door incline.
Jon Levine

Where is the tailpipe supposed to end: before reaching the rear bumper, at it, or sticking out beyond the rear bumper?
Ed Eastman

Just beyond the rear bumper... otherwise exhaust will get caught up under the rear valance.

gblawson (gordon)- TD#27667

Often the last exhaust clamp has to be extended an inch on the Moss SS exhaust systems. I haven't done that yet, but then, I don't know what the interference between my side curtain box and my tail pipe will be.

As John P says the muffler itself should be rotated so the pipe is exiting at the lowest point, and the muffler close to the floor board.

If that link doesn't work, just cut and paste it into your browser.

Dave Braun

I hung mine down.



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