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MG TD TF 1500 - Nuffield new car warranty

I was looking through my many files of paper on my TF last night. I came across this Warranty form for TF HDB46/5110. I have no idea how it came into my possession. It lists the engine number and the names of the first buyer and the sales location. Very cool document!
Does anyone out there own TF 5110? I would be thrilled to mail this to you. Also, anyone know how I can source something like this for my TF?
Is this what you get from the British Heritage outfit?

'54 TF

T Norby

This is the only thing I can find on this car.
WOW what a find. Would love anything like that for the car in my care, TD23816

M Grogan TD23816

There are a few out there.
Google NUFFIELD EXPORTS and click on the images.
M Grogan TD23816

Look at this- possible current owner and email listed...

George Butz III

Nice find. You can see a few other related items like this here:
Christopher Couper

Thanks for the thought. I still own TF5110. Bought it from a gentleman in Cincinnati and restored the car. When I dismantled the car, the warranty was under the seat. I still have the original document. Car as I bought it.


This may help ...

HDB 46:
B = Gray
4 = North America
6 = Cellulose body, Synthetic Wings

Paynes mgtf Register shows owner as
Richard Taylor

Photos of the car are on the ttypes data base:
Originally "B" Color Gray. Currently Red

The car is in the TF Register of the MG Car Club. Registration #14782.®=tf

Contact Barrie Jones, TF Registrar for MGCC, to learn more. Give him the chassis number and the MGCC registration number.

LM Cook

As it is today


Hi Rick -

You replied while I was writing my post. (above)

So, do you have the Nuffield Warranty document, or does Tom? I'm confused.

It's a wonderful bit of history for the car.

Beautiful restoration. Nice Amish horse and buggy in the background

LM Cook

I still have the original document. The one Tom has is a copy I sent him several years ago.

Mr Norby and Grogan. There is an extract available from England. It came from the M.G. Car Club England and was mailed to me at no cost, following my inquiry. It's impressed with their stamp as an authentic colour copy of the handwritten page showing the original entry for my car from the Abingdon TD log book. The entry at the top of the page is 5778 and the last readable entry is 5945. These cars were made on the 31/1/51 and on the 1/2/51. I tried to load a copy but I couldn't as it wasn't in an acceptable format. It's a pdf that I tried and failed to save as a j peg.

If anyone owns a car within this range and would like a copy I'd be happy to email one to you. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Yes, Rick mailed me a copy of the warranty years ago, and I FORGOT that correspondence. Yikes!! Memory loss.....

'54 TF
T Norby

Does anyone know how to find records of our cars from the original dealerships? My TF was sold new in Toronto. Was there more than one MG dealership in Toronto in 1954?
Does anyone know the names of the MG dealerships in Toronto back then?

'54 TF
T Norby

From 1971...

Chances of any business records from that time would be slim to none and Slim left town.
L E D LaVerne

If you're planning on making a Warranty Claim tough luck. Read the small print, it was only valid for 6 months from date of manufacture. Try the Warranty printed on the plate riveted to the firewall, (the one with the chassis number on it). If of course you haven't removed it, in which case that guarantee will be invalid as well! Let us know how you get on.
A R Jones

"Does anyone know the names of the MG dealerships in Toronto back then?"

Wait for it to load. There is so many points on the map it can take awhile.

You will find 26 locations in Toronto so good luck with that.
Christopher Couper

Chris, the dealership in Grand Junction Colorado opened in 1955. The name of the business was Moss Motorama. They sold the entire BMC range of vehicles. It closed sometime in the mid-late sixties. No relation to Al that I am aware of.
L E D LaVerne

Snowing like crazy but in my records in the lower garage I have a complete buyers record which includes that warranty. I will dig it out and see if someone today owns that car. It came in a very nice folder from the dealer. Interesting discussion.

I purchased it from a dealer who attends the more exclusive Scottsdale auctions and has that kind of paperwork for sale for very high end cars. OEM paperwork of those old cars are rare and those guys really pay big bucks for the orgInal paperwork even it does not match their cars.

My comment to him after he told me his price was " get real. It is for a MG TD, so knock $400 off the price and you have a deal." He laughed and said sold. Think he had it for a long time.

Do not know if these things have any real value or are they just a conversation piece?

I will take some pictures if anyone is interested.


JWP Policastro

L E D LaVerne:

If you can come up with an address I will add it to the list. My list is mostly from the 1953 dealers.
Christopher Couper

Chris here is a list of Colorado Land Rover dealers. The Grand Junction place was for sure a BMC dealership. The others...I have no idea.

W. F. Reno, Inc. (LR)
1027 Walnut
P. O. Box 1010 (303) HI 2-5002
J. V. Rose Co. (LR)
P. O. Box 330 (303)WH 5-6L26
Moss Motorama, Inc. (LR)
1155 N. sth (303) 242-L22I
Camington Chevrolet Co. (LR)
612 Main Street (303) CI{ 9-4539
Stotler Niotor Company (LR)
131 W. 2nd Street (303) 539-2548
L E D LaVerne

The picture is of the OEM package that contained the the owner's manual, a booklet on speeds to drive during break in, a warranty card that the dealer sent in to register the car and owner.

JWP Policastro

Here are the contents.


JWP Policastro

TD paperwork as it came from the dealer.

JWP Policastro

JWP Policastro: Those are great finds. If you would like me to post high quality versions of these on the OMGT website just send them to me in an email.

L E D LaVerne: I added Moss Motorama. The others did not seem to pan out as MG dealers. Note when MG transferred to BMC everything took on a new spin.
Christopher Couper

Your document package is fabulous! Wish I had one.
If he knocked $400 of the price, but have been steep to begin with.
Do you have any record of the document dealer you bought them from?

'54 TF
T Norby

Sorry Tom I do not. It was years ago. It was just by chance, he and I were at the same show. I really had no intention of buying the set at his asking price. It was totally out of my price range? Besides I did not even own a TD. I was really just playing with him. Figured I had nothing to lose so I offered him that huge price reduction when he accepted I kind of had some buyer''s remorse immediately. I paid him cash and left to watch the auction. Both my wife and grandson asked me why did you buy that for?

Like I said this piece was totally out of his normal stuff he had for sale. Cars like the TD were not for sale at that level of auction. Lowest priced cars I watched that day were in the $150,000 to 200,000 range and I got to see million dollar cars.

I had no idea those high end car people paid that kind of money for a OEM set of manuals and other documentation, etc. I certainly did not belong in that crowd but it was amazing to watch. If I remember correctly, I paid more for three tickets to watch the auction than I paid for that MG set.

Just at the right place at the right time. There was no skill involved. I was trapped when he said OK. I thought at the time I could flip it and maybe make a couple of bucks but instead I bought a TD to fix up and kept the paperwork. Always wanted a MG T ever since I was a kid and road in my uncle's TF.


JWP Policastro

I had never heard of paying to attend an auction.

After a little online research I found for Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auctions the session prices ranged from $17 to $60 with packages available for multiple sessions. I also found that Sotheby's auctions have free public admission. The paintings listed for their next auction include such things as a Picasso entitled "Le Matador" that is expected to sell in the range of 14 to 18 million pounds UK.



A good story worth retelling.

Kind regards,
M R Calvert

Yea. Didn't read the plate until I removed it to replate it.
Bruce Cunha

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