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MG TD TF 1500 - octagon bezil

Is there a method or process to replace the broken tabs on the octagon bezil . They are extremely costly to replace ,assuming their availability . I have several ideas in mind . Although, I'm sure there must be other methods used over the years. John
J .R.C Cavey

I presume that you are talking about the three octagon bezels on the TF dash? If so, this is what we did.
My dad, who has the patience of Job, re-worked our bezels. We presumed that unbending the old tabs that were still there would break them anyhow, so he replaced them by silver-soldering new thin-gauge brass tabs. Here was the process that he used:
1. Send bezels out to be de-chromed
2. Removed all the old tabs
3. Clean the valley side very well where the tabs will be soldered
4. Sourced thin gauge brass to be used as tabs
5. Drilled a hole in the ends of the new tabs (to be used by the chromer to attach wire may not have been necessary)
6. Silver-soldered the new tabs into the valley (the undrilled end)
7. Cleaned and buffed the outside of the bezel (he wanted to do it instead of the chromer.)
8. Sent for re-chroming
Good luck with yours.
Safety? Fast?
Scott Ashworth (Son of Job) - '54 TF

S. R. Ashworth


With care you can attach the bezels using a dabs of "Superglue", The gel variety is the preferable solution.

G Evans

Thank-you Scott and Graeme for your suggestions . I just may tie your two ideas together, making new tabs and setting them in place using a hard setting synthetic material. There is two other thoughts I have in mind although, I will experiment first and if successful I will post the results. John
J .R.C Cavey

Hi John:

I used new tabs and hot glue. There is lots of space on the back side of the bezils for the glue and remember there is almost no stress on the part when installed unless you polish it too hard.

The pix is of my "B" powered TFs dash with MGB instruments replacing the originals. I bought the car with the "B" engine in it but the dash was blotched by the D.P.O. so I redid it. I also upgraded to an overdrive transmission, a "B" differential, and disk brakes with a duel master cylinder.

Godspeed in Safety Fast

John Crawley

Using 60/40 solder and new tabs extracted from adjustable paper or folder clips and shaped to match the groove of the bezil worked out very well . John
J .R.C Cavey

There's a nice set of three bezels on ebay right now. Tabs appear to be intact.

'54 TF
T Norby

Hello Tom Thank-you for the referral . A close examination of the photo does suggest that some of the tabs are missing . Unfortunately, the design of the Bezel will not facilitate frequent bending ( more than twice ) of the tabs . There are fragile and break easily . The method I choose to repair this fault is simple, In- expensive and does not affect the chrome finish . The cost to purchase new ones nears $75.00 a unit. My e-mail is enclosed for further clarification of the method I choose to replace the tabs . John
J .R.C Cavey

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