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MG TD TF 1500 - Oil Pressure after oil change

There were many references to this topic under "Tseries FAQ Intro page. (formerly asked questions) Version 1.0-a, September 2002" but the link is now broken.

So oil change, no pressure, took the following steps; spark plugs out, oil pump primer plug off, started w/o ignition on, no good. Tried priming the oil pump primer with turkey baster, no good. Same as before with plugs in (for grins and giggles), no good.

I have heard reference to air pressure being used but what is the proceedure. I also heard of rotating the engine counterclockwise (hmmm, how is that done!?)

Looking for sure fire way(no pun). The TD was run hot with good oil pressure just before dumping the oil. I have the spin on filter system and the filter was filled with oil prior to placement on the car
CAH Hatton

Finally got it to work. Key learning, load up primer plug, run it, load up again and close plug. Not sure if this process will work the next time though?
CAH Hatton

CAH, you didnt have to run the engine between filling the primer opening if you are patient. Just pour oil in the hole, wait a while, pour more oil, wait, etc. Eventually the air will vent out of the hole and the oil level wont drop any more. You did it correctly by filling the new filter with oil before turning the engine over. At least thats the way mine works with the horizontal filter.
Jim Merz


To rotate engine backwards, jack up one rear wheel, put transmission in 4th and turn wheel backwards. As you're turning it, have someone else add oil through the primer opening...or if you have a lot of energy run back and forth between the two like I end up doing it.

To use air pressure to do it, buy a small garden pressure tank, remove the handle from the hose and attach the hose to the take-off for the oil pressure gauge. Put a couple of quarts of oil in the pressure tank and pressurize it. The oil will fill up the oil galleys in the engine. Remove the hose, hook up the gauge and start the engine.
Gene Gillam

just finished rebuild of td engine when it started up oil pressure was 50 psi at tick over seems very high anyone got any ideas
j a gaskell

How long did you crank the engine over before you decided there was no pressure,,,?? It isn't going to show pressure right away.

Steve Wincze

SPW - this is a 4 year old redo of a thread. Bud
Bud Krueger

hhaaa IT GOT ME!!!!!!!!
Steve Wincze

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