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MG TD TF 1500 - Ok.. Water Tempertures

Nice morning this morning and I thought I would drive in to my mechanics... he has one of those point and shoot thermometers...


Very interesting, proof that the place to get the hottest water is the elbow at the front of the engine. The guys that designed the TF setup knew what they were doing.
R. K. Jeffers

After modifying the elbow on my TD for the heater, I had to install a coolant control valve. Otherwise, the heater would make a closed cockpit unbearable.

Jim Merz that a TF elbow or did you modify the TD's?
gblawson(gordon) read your post...

What is that brass'fuel' line going along the side of the engine?

Obviously the vacuum line to the distributor advance mechanism. LOL
R. K. Jeffers

I'm guessing it's an oil line for his blower.

Laverne hit it right. The copper line is the gravity feed supercharger oil return line. The fitting into the tappet cover is camouflaged by the shadow of the spark plug wire.
Jim Merz

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