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MG TD TF 1500 - Original TD Wire Wheels and wood Dash


This seller claims to have a "Really impressive amount of original documentation from factory and dealer. Documentation indicates special request wire wheels and wood dashboard."

My guess is that this is dealer documentation, not factory, but I have asked him for copies. We'll see!

A decent $12,000 car, it seems to me, but not $55,000... Not a lot original, it also seems to me.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I think they need the $55k to cover the amount of time they spent photographing the car... 3500 pictures???
Geoffrey M Baker

A nice car but 55000.00 this guy should take a look at what is out there. For that you can get a brand new Corvette. If our cars are getting that much money, It would be nice but that is maybe worth 20 Grand or so. I love the original wood dash, spoke wheels and the original 2cd paint job..
Tom Maine

Surely not original, but I do love wooden dashboards and wire wheels.
D. Sander

Maybe $15-18K? Underbonnet area a disaster, but that is what was done when this car was likely restored. Paint/chrome looks so-so in some shots, would have to see higher res photos to properly evaluate. Didn't see pictures of the wood underneath. You would have to do all the fuel lines, seal, brake cylinders, etc. etc. just to have it safe to drive. Attractive and likely basically a solid car.
George Butz

Hope he gets it. Makes mine more valuable.

Bruce Cunha

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