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MG TD TF 1500 - Osceola Wheels and Wings

The Minnesota MG Group participated in Wheels and Wings.

Some pictures, if you like.

Dave Braun

OMG.... Dave.. your first show with the restoration... well done!!!!

Your car looks absolutely fabulous!!!!!

What on earth is that MGA wheel?


The MGA wheel has a timepiece with faux spokes. It was hardwired to the car, and then the brackets attached to the wheel and hub.

The car drove in fits up to Osceola. The TWO problems are one of the jet adjusting nuts got brittle and cracked just above the flats and oil is migrating into the rebuilt distributor. I stopped to swipe the points with a piece of card stock several times, and before I drove it home, used Q-tips to clean out the bottom of the distributor bowl in place. My rationale was that if the car took 500 miles to start acting up, getting most of the oil out would allow me to drive home smoothly.

I ran into a heavy rainstorm on the way home. With the hood up, and the wind wings open, hardly a drop came in. I haven't done the side curtains or hooked up the wiper yet! Rain-X is wonderful stuff.

I still don't have the guts to take pictures while I'm driving like you do, Gordon!

Dave Braun

Don't confuse 'guts' with 'stupidity'...!!!
I too drove home yesterday in a rain with no side curtains... you really hardly need stays relatively dry unless a car/truck beside you hits a puddle!!!
Had a problem for the first time with my wipers, they would stop and not start till I turned the switch off, then on again. I think when I adjusted and greased the gears, I put something just a tooth or so off ... the manual arm goes just a bit too far beyond the on/off switch. Must take them apart yet again!

Your car is completely stunning-very happy for you!!! Thanks for the great pics.
Robert Rutschman


Beautiful Job. Car looks great.

David Honness

Thank you gentleman.

For events, I'm not sure if I will create a link from my website, or just occasionally create a webpage that must be accessed directly, and dump it when it is 'stale'.

I tried to pattern my photography and presentation on Gordon Lawsons' events he attends. I have a quite a ways to go to match him, but I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge Gordon's inspiration.

Being recognized as a finalist was fun. But all I really want is a driver, and something to continuously tinker with.

Dave Braun

'something to continuously tinker with'

Well... we have all chosen the perfect vehicle for that haven't we.....!

Hi Dave, I enjoyed seeing your car again and good for you on putting it in a show. After the great job you did on it, what was the one like that won 1st place? I would like to offer a word of caution however. In your picture of the car at the show, the bonnet is open, and laying over the other side. This puts a great strain on the two center supports [front & rear] which are not a heavy metal. I speak from experience. There are ways to support the bonnet to expose the motor at a show and it does not cause any harm. I put my TD in local shows and find a lot of people enjoy seeing the motor as I spend a lot of time making it look interesting. I find that it attracts a lot of attention.
George Raham
TD 4224
G. L. Raham

Thanks for the heads up George. The car that won first place is a 1932 J2. The show is judged by semi-knowledgeable people and they include rarity with the normal well presented criteria. Of the four finalists in the MG class, I honestly feel that any of the three could have won if the J2 didn't, but it is superior.

The RHS (carburetor side) of my bonnet has excellent clearance in the stainless steel hinge and the way the bonnet is mounted there is absolutely no flexing, interference or touching of the bonnet edges, sides, top or stress on the center mount points. For 25 years my bonnet has always layed flat without cracking a thing. I find one of the critical points is the shape of the hinge rests under the chrome hinge covers. On the restoration, the body guy let too much fill migrate into the hinge line on the LHS half, I cleaned as much as I could out without damaging the paint, and THAT bonnet side (distributor side) will not ever be layed down, I prop it. I'm thinking of ways to clean out the bonnet top hinge line on the LHS and I've got a couple of ideas. I'll let you know if one of them works.

Today is the real test. I drive Tommy to the T Register luncheon (last week I was rained out) and the local members will have the opportunity to view our progress.

Dave Braun

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