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MG TD TF 1500 - Paper Air Filter

I copied the attached frame from an on line video- sorry about the quality- The owner has a paper air filter inserted in his oil bath type housing.

Any one on the list doing this? If so what is a filter number that will fit.

I know I could measure and go the store and find one by process of elimination, but they may frown upon all the opened cartons ;^)


D C Congleton

Dallas... go to click on Hints and Tips and then under Engine/Gearbox look for K and N airfilter replacement.
I still don't see how the air goes through the filter, but it must be a senior moment...!!!
gblawson (gordon)- TD#27667

Actually i see how it works on a TD... I was told about this trick for the Wolseley, but it has the oil bath remotely located and works backwards...don't think this would work for it. Have to think about it some more!
gblawson (gordon)- TD#27667

Thanks Gordon-
I was interested in the set up from the video because it appears that the air filter element fits over the inner oil bath element without modifying it or the outer housing, although it does not look original when installed.
The bottom of this filter could be trimmed and re-taped to appear correct, or left as is for the "tuner" look. ;^)

D C Congleton

The Magnette info is interesting, however, there must be a 'plate' or something you could easily add so as not to have to trim the casing...that would just look wrong!
Have a couple of ideas for the remote filter arrangement on the W....

gblawson (gordon)- TD#27667

I was speaking of the possibility of trimming the paper filter element, not the canister housing. The one in the photo is a little tall, although it does add air flow and filter area.

D C Congleton

Last time i was at the parts place, they had hundreds of filters of all dimensions... must be one out there that would fit without trimming!
gblawson (gordon)- TD#27667

Hi Dallas,
Just finished a paper filted converson.
All i did was cut the top part of the old filter1/2" down from the lip. Breakthe ribs from the center of the filter and remove the outer part and the old filter material. next clean sand and paint as needed.
I then found a filter at the auto store that would in the modified inside dia. of the top part(the filter was a lawn mower filter, looks good works fine.) The other thing I did was to make two
1/8" thick 0-rings to fit the top and bottom of the filter. I assembled all the parts and it looks like the old bath.

Ed B.
E P B Brennan

Thanks Ed- This should help in reducing the oil mist and keeping the engine compartment cleaner-

D C Congleton

TD Air Cleaner Question:
Does anyone know when the 'early' 3-piece TD air cleaner was replaced with the 'later' 2-piece unit? ... or was the former a prototype that exists only in the service books (see cut-away illus. in the Owners Manual (p.42) and Workshop Manual, Section P.7) just to confuse present day owners? It is interesting to note that the required 2 cork gaskets are not listed in the Moss, Abingdon Spares nor NTG Services Catalogs ...
If the 'early' model did in fact exist, conversion to a paper filter would take only minutes -- remove the original element and drop in a paper filter sized about an inch less in diameter than the canister, and 1/2 to 3/4 inch higher than the (canister) wall. A gasket may be required to ensure a seal between the cover - sometimes referred to as a lid - and the new filter.
To prevent oil, or oil 'mist' from spraying onto the new filter, fit one of the many available types of small 'breather' filters over, or into, the hole in the canister wall that connects to the valve cover vent hose.

'Later' units ... well, not so easy. But, as I consider the cleaning of the existing filter to be the 2nd ugliest TD maintenance chore there is, and as there was no way I was going to take a hacksaw or cutting torch to the original, I've made a fiberglass duplicate of the 'lid', thus keeping all the imprinted detail and precise shape and size of the original. Sanding, priming and painting yet to be done. Was it worth the time and effort? Pardon the pun, but so far it's been pretty, uh, TeeDious.
Ron fifty3td
R.G. Linden

Is there any way you could fit a new paper style filter inside the huge resonator box and still leave the original air filter body in place without oil to mess things up?
Sandy Sanders

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