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MG TD TF 1500 - Radiator and headlight brackets

Hi all. I've read all the threads in the archive to do with radiator fit, so I am sure that I have my support bracket the right way round. However, my problem is more to do with vertical location. The attached rough sketch shows the my headlamp brackets are 14.25" above the support bracket (I have not removed these, or the wings), however, the distance from the underside of the radiator lower bracket to the bar to which the headlight bracket support attaches is 13.25". This implies that I need a 1" thick packing under the radiator whereas the rubber mounts are less than 0.5" thick. I am unsure what is wrong here. Are my headlamp brackets too high, or is there something wrong with the radiator? Matt

Matt Davis

There is quite a bit of flex or movement in the front fenders (or the wings). I'm sure with the correct rubber radiator mounts in place, the headlamp brackets will align with the brackets attached to the sides of the radiator. The correct rubber mounts if I remember correctly are about 1/2" thick, round, with a small aluminum ring which surrounds them.

Your measurement was apparently taken with the wings unattached and nothing supporting the weight of the fender, therefore the measurement was at it's maximum. Try the fitup and you'll see exactly how much flexibility there is.

Roy Challberg

There is quite a bit of flex in those wings, which end up under tension when the headlamp brackets are fitted to connect them to the rad.

Having taken mine apart recently, I found I had to first fix the bracket to the wing and then put my knee underneath the wing, to raise it and bring it inwards, whilst aligning the bracket with the radiator. It didn't take that much effort but it did bring the rim of the wing up, appreciably, and move the radiator bracket end correspondingly down.

Hope this helps.

- Tom.
Tom Bennett - 53TD 24232

Tom, think you are correct. Mine was sorta droopy till I put it together. Haveing done so now about 8 times I think it is normal. Once it gets put together everything falls into place and it comes out looking like it should. I have to pry my wings up to get them to to the bracket. I usually use my knees to lift while putting the headlamps on and hooking them to the rad.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

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