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MG TD TF 1500 - Reno TD Abandoned in Dodge City?

Ive gotten several emails asking what happened to my TD in Dodge City during the Rallye to Reno.

The motor Manley Ford built ran like gangbusters all day long for 4 days, the last of which was 12 hours at 4000-4500 RPM with air temp at 106 deg. F. The car never exceeded 85 deg. C. water temperature and the B&G rear seal he put in deported itself exceptionally. Unfortunately, the last few very hot hours before Dodge City took its toll on the coil and then the SU fuel pump and then I developed an intermittent miss under load. After many hours in the parking lot of the Dodge House Hotel trying to diagnose that, and having checked or replaced EVERYTHING electrical, the TD rewarded me just before midnight with a metallic valve train sound that had not been there all day. Conferring with several others, and in view of the rally departure time just a few hours away, I decided to not risk pushing on over the Rockies and across the desert with that sound, and left the car in Dodge, completing the rally riding with others.

So: good news/bad news. The TD came back to Michigan on a trailer. The metallic sopund?... a misaligned rocker cover touching one of the valve keepers. After checking for a broken valve spring and adjusting the valve lash in Dodge City, the cover got replaced a bit cock-eyed and tightened down. [Pause while I put a screwdriver through my left eye]. Good news: it was not a sticking tappet or push rod or valve guide. The motor ran great. Bad news: I still have the Dodge City miss and that will need to get sorted out. In the mean time, I have a Spridget race motor to assemble for MG Vintage Racers East Coast Focus Event at Lime Rock. Life remains an adventure!

John Deikis
Chelsea, MI

Good news indeed, John. Glad the noise was not a disaster in the making. And where else could we hook a ride halfway across the country at a moments notice? Glad to meet you-good luck at Lime Rock.Dan Craig
Dan Craig

Reminds me of when my oil pan got damaged by a chunk of ice (a typical Chicago winter); it took me forever to figure out that the crank was hitting the dent. Complicating the situation was that I had no indoor work space.

52 TD
Dave Rome


I'm writing-up the MG2011 event for the TSO. Would you have any objection if I mentioned your "incident"?

Incidentally, you might want to consider the 40,000 volt pertronix coil. Its oil-filled and performs well at high heat and sustained revs. See:- ($35).

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu.
Gordon A Clark

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