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MG TD TF 1500 - 'Rocky' looks so sad with his pants off!

"Rocky", my '52 TD has just begun his re-do, and looks a little "red-faced" , standing there without his hat or pants....Keeping cool could also be a problem...
He can't see much without his headlamps either...

E.B. Wesson

Hope all goes well with the work, Edward! Keep us posted as Rocky gets his makeover.



Bobby Galvez

don't tell Rocky but he will get more and more undressed. But once you are down there, things will go upwards again. Probably slowly but steady. good luck and lots of fun and satisfaction, Huib

Huib Bruijstens

That is probably you car during it's rehab. Looks very nice. You do nice work (not much of it ) but nice. LOL
Bob Jeffers

Thanks for the good wishes guys....
I feel fortunate that the PO had done quite a bit, before I got the car last Spring...Lots of fun driving and doing small items this Summer....
With luck, I hope to have him back on the road by next Summer's driving season.
E.B. Wesson

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