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MG TD TF 1500 - Rode hard ..put up wet

Put about 300/400 miles on the TF this weekend.
First really "hard" miles since running the Vokes this year. (4500 RPM sustained for a while).
Wet: Have some oil streams on right side lovers.
Apears at high RPM blowing some oil out the forward vented air cleaner.
Is this normal?
Have some "copper wadding" in the vent tube on valve cover.
Maybe I need to baffle the inside of VC?
Did that on the tappet cover (aftermarket) where I used to get the same. Dry as a bone over there now.
Bottom of air cleaner is definitly wet and where the oil is comming from.
Aftermarket V/C...any ideas?
David Sheward

the oil on the right side is common.either from the carb area or sometimes from an over greased water pump. as is the case with mine.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

I'd recommend the same for the VC. Same idea..let the air flow but keep the oil in the cover. Watch the clearance on the rockers.

Had a baffle in there before ...took it out when I went to the Vokes. Wonder if I kept it?
David Sheward

Had the same issue on my 63 Sprite David. Totally stock setup but the front filter would always get covered in grime. I understand the principle and its a good idea I suppose. Later carbs on MGB's at least, had the vent run directly into the carb bodies of both carbs. If you want to keep it somewhat stock looking the an internal baffle is the ticket. Since it's not a stock valve cover, you might consider one of the little K and N filters I've seen on several after market covers...thats if the vent port is verticle. If it's a side mount then I think the baffle is the only solution.

I have an aftermarket VC and the Vokes AC's. No oil leaking on mine. I don't have anything connected to the airvent on the front cleaner. Do you? Mine is sealed with a rubber cap.
It doesn't sound normal to me. I wouldn't like the mess.
My Vokes are the old ones. The filter is a re-useable wire mesh thing that you soak in oil from time to time. Did you recently re-oil the filter guaze?

'54 TF
Tom Norby

Side mount vent on V/C to front Vokes via hose. Much like orignial except all rubber hose. For years ran with S&H air filters and a vented cap on V/C. Leaked some so I had a baffle inside the cover. Removed the inside one when I hooked up the Vokes. Never dreamed it would push that much oil into the air cleaner.
My filters are custom mage K&N elements. I am going to pull the stock V/C out of the attic tomorrow and see if it is baffled. (Don't remember).
I'll post a pic here tomorrow also.
Wondering if anyone running stock has this kind of "flow" to the front air cleaner.
Made enough of a mess it was dripping from the side vents!
David Sheward

Stock VC has a baffle but I would imagine they get some too. Not only is the VC venting but the carb is pulling as well.

Think I will be building a baffle today.
Think you can see here where oil was blowing out the aircleaner at high RPM's.
Curious thing...when I first got this car it had a TD aftermarket V/C on it ("top vent") with a rubber hose and a pvc valve on the end of the hose.
Anybody ever try fitting a pvc in the vent to air cleaner on Vokes?

Haven't pulled the air cleaner yet to see how wet it is in there.

David Sheward

PCV valve won't do much for you in this case,Dave. They are just a metered one way check valve - not much for stopping oily vapors from entering that front cleaner. Internal baffling or an in-line oil separator of some sort is most likely the remedy. Dan
Dan Craig

Pulled a stock V/C out of my attic today and looked at the baffel in it. Think I have made one that will work. At least a good excuse to go for a nice long drive at speed to see if it works! After I get this front air cleaner cleaned up.
David Sheward

David, at the risk of sounding stupid, what is a Vokes?

Bill Brown

That's the brand name stamped on the original TF filter housings.

Thanks LaVerne, got it!

Bill Brown

Those are the Vokes in picture above.
TD's had a "oil bath" air cleaner and vent pipe out the top of the valve cover. Makes sence as seems any oil sucked "up" would drain back down. The TF vent pipe comes out the side of the V/C and runs to front (pain in the butt to get off) air cleaner.
My problem was at high RPM oil is drawn to the front air cleaner and then is leaking out all over the engine compartment.
My aftermarket valve cover had no baffle in it as the original one does.
Made one for it yesterday, so once I get the mess cleaned up, I'll be giving it a test.
Thinking about building a little "test catcher" by running vent pipe to a jar then on to carb. That should tell me if I have it under control without spraying the bonnet with oil. (I hope)
David Sheward

David, that threw me. You guys with the newer much more modern cars have all these technological advances.

Bill Brown

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