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MG TD TF 1500 - Rusted out petrol tank (fuel tank)

I brought this up a couple of years ago, but now I'm ready to do something. My '54 mgtf fuel tank is rusted through on the bottom ends and some on the bottom edge. I believe I can repair it, but a local welder mentioned something I want to check out here. The welder said he thought the folded over edges were soldered and if he tried to weld in new metal the solder would melt and run out and make a huge problem. Is that true? I would think with a mig welder that would not be the case. Secondly, does anyone know of a sheet metal shop and /or welder in NW Florida who can supply me the sheetmetal and bend it to the necessary curves and possibly a welding shop someone has used before that is knowledgeable in this. I know that Moss Motors has a new tank, but there is considerable work in getting it to fit properly. I think if I had the curved sheetmetal I could repair my tank to work. I had thought of a used tank, but unless it is an awfully good one there would probably be inherent problems with it plus the cost and shipping. Any help/advice is always appreciated. Thank you, George
GH Higginson

Get the advice of another shop, google radiator shops in your area, $ 450 is the price & painting in the NYC area. includes recoating.
Len Fanelli

George, they were not soldered originally, but someone could have attempted a repair with solder since.

Not an easy repair, as usually the rust extends further and almost penetrated than what shows on the outside.

The best repair is to take off the strengthening brace and make a new bottom section to go under the brace position as well. Repair the ends with the tank cut open. Blast the tank while its opened up, spot weld the brace on to the new bottom section and then weld in place.

I have repaired many like this, and will be repairing a TD tank in late June. I could take some images as progress is made, possibly too late for you.
Rod Brayshaw

That is the best solution I have heard. What type of sheet metal do you use? I would really like it if you take & post photos. It will help me and I am sure others.

I have to let you members know what an encouragement you have been to me! I met with 2 members here in town yesterday and had my confidence boosted so high. Really great guys!! Now Roy has given me an answer that I have been after for a long time. Thank you! George
GH Higginson

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