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MG TD TF 1500 - Search forTD2 Head

I've not been on this board for several years as the restoration of my '53 TD took a back seat to a daughter's wedding using wedding cars tonbridge, job changes, and a move from Philadelphia to Virginia. Work has begun again and when we tore the engine down a cracked head was discovered. My car is a late '53, engine #XPAG/TD2/29619. The head has round water passages (see photo) instead of the "teardrop" shaped passages seen on earlier engines. I was hoping that someone out there might be able to give me a lead on where I might find one. I've talked to Abingdon Spares and they, at present, don't have one for my engine.

Thanks very much,
Mike Johnston

JM Johnston

I think Brown and Gammons in the UK sell new alloy heads, but they are expensive. These are the same as the competition heads sold originally.

I should think that the water passage shape is not that great of a concern. If you want a used one, keep checking on ebay both us and

Larry Ayres

Mike, try Bob or Bobbie at Abingdon Spares for the availablity of a good used head.
Jim Merz

Hi, I have several round as well as banana water hole heads for sale. I think some of the round ones are uncut.
Hugh Pite
Hugh Pite

I would buy a Laystall Lucas which has round holes and fits any kind of block, it is even better than a TD MKII original head. Only problem is the price.

Denis L Baggi

The last time I contacted B&G for a Laystall head, they were quoting £950.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Gordon A. Clark

... and it's now £1527.50!

David Wardell

I paid US$2,000 some ten years ago, my friend Skip Kelsey used to carry them.

Denis L Baggi

Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry. I got several good leads from the posting and, hopefully, will be able to find what I need.

JM Johnston

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