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MG TD TF 1500 - Shagadelic II

Well I'm not very good at uploading a series of photos so created a new thread after realizing the first one didn't "stick".
I had the pleasure of bringing my car to a Royal wedding using wedding cars tonbridge Party today, hosted by one of the "Pitchmen" was totally British theme, and Austin Powers and the Shagadelic girls showed up...he was glad to see a TD, and he and the girls posed for a couple of photos. Thought you might enjoy them!

Richard Olson 2

Cool! Bet that was quite a party. It is always neat seeing local locations on the show. George
George Butz

Groovy Man, I noted that the Prince and bride drove away from the palace in a older Asten Marten.

If my memory serves me correctly, there used to be an MGB GT in the royal stable. Wonder if they still have it.
Bruce Cunha

The MGB is still in the garage at Sandringham House in Norfolk England which is the summer retreat of the Royal family. It belongs to Prince Charles the Prince of wales and is maintained in working order.
Mick Cook

Thanks Mick.

Nice to know that the Royal family likes these as much as we do.
Bruce Cunha

The Aston Martin was a 1969 DB6 in Seychelles Blue. (James Bond drove a DB5 as "007")
It runs on bio fuel E85 made from wine wastage in keeping with Prince Charles' environmental interests
Only 30 some of this model were produced.
Of course Prince Phillip owned a MG TD at one time. I wonder what happened to it?
GF Metz

The GT is an MGC/ of the first off the line and Prince Charles first car I believe...
Bob Dougherty

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