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MG TD TF 1500 - Skyhook 5 Speed gearbox

Does anyone know what thread the top of the Datsun 5 speed gear leaver is? To accept a gear knob.
I thought it was 8mm but a nut from Home Despot is very tight almost to jamming after 3 threads? None of my vast collection of extra nuts accrued over the years fits either.
I would like to drill and re tap an older MG gear leaver knob I have had for years, but it dose not fit this thread.

Rod Jones

Have you tried both 8mm X 1.25 AND 8mm X 1.0?
Lew Palmer

Oh Hell
Sorry Lew
I'm an old Brit and metric leaves me cold :)

There are different thread counts for the same dia..?
Devious buggers....
Do you know if Home Despot or Ace carry both?
Rod Jones

The XPAG is 8x1.0 Bud
Bud Krueger

Yes, Home Depot have 8mm X 1.0 hardware. I know because I worked there up until a couple of months ago, But the fine thread metric stuff is in the metal drawer cabinets, not hanging up in the plastic bags.
Lew Palmer

Well I will go and give e'm a try. Thanks Lew.
Bud, The gearbox is Datsun so XPAG do not apply :) However I was aware some of the hardware was mad metric. Nice to know it is 1.0 Thanks.

Rod Jones

The 1.25 is actually a courser thread
The 1 or 1.25 or 1.5 etc is the distance between each thread
As in 1mm pitch --1.25mm pitch etc
Simple measure up of the thread on the lever will tell -----Count ten threads and measure the distance---example
10 threads-if it's 12.5mm then its a 1.25mm pitch-----------or 10mmthen it's 1.0mm pitch
William Revit

Metric runs course fine and finer on the pitch count. Plus don't rely on anything in bins being in the right bins.
W A Chasser

When I installed mine I made an extension because the end of the rod was too low for me.
In the sketch the left side (8mm x 1.25)is what screws onto the Datsun shaft.
The right side was for an MG shaft knob (8mm x 1.00).

Mort Resnicoff

Mort, You the Man. I have spent quite some time in the Garage [over 98C] trying to count 10 threads and measure them accurate. All I did was loose a lot off water.... I had resorted to crazy putty and make an impression to do it that way.

8mm 1,25 is good. Now to find a nut that will fit on it at Home Despot and drill out my MG knob to tap it the same.

M8x1.25 needs a 6.8mm drill for taping. Right?


Rod Jones

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