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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering Column

Hi All,

I'm usually on the MGB and MGA boards, but I have used this one on occasionally (successfully), to solve problems that I've encountered with a friend's TD.

Now I've got a unique (to me at least) problem with that same TD. The owner came to me with the steering wheel loose on the steering column. I removed the steering wheel centre (it's a wooden wheel) and discovered that at some point in the car's dark past, the threads in the top of the steering column had been stripped, so someone fastened the wheel to the column using a 3.5" lag bolt and a large spacer/washer.

The threads are damaged beyond repair.

Has anyone tried a "heli-coil" in this position. I have some concerns over security.

Moss Motors show the column itself as being made of unobtainium, so .....I guess a good, serviceable, used column may be the best option.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.
JR Jim) Ross

Jim are you looking for the short sliding shaft that goes on the end of the steering column? It is a short splined shaft with a taper and key for the steering wheel as well as threads on the end to hold the steering wheel on the taper. I have one I can sell. Since the steering wheel is non original it may be that the shaft has been changed to one with splines for the steering wheel - much like an MGA set up.
Cheers, Hugh
H.D. Pite

The shaft on the left (looking at the picture) is for a TD and that on the right for an MGA (I think).

H.D. Pite

Can helicoils be used for a male thread?

Jan T
J Targosz

Just machine it down and rethread one size smaller.
It is only to hold the wheel on and takes no load.Been there, done that.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

Contact Abingdon Spares. Somehow I misplaced my original (still can't find it) and they had an original one in stock.

I hated having to pay the price but at least they had one.
Frank Cronin

My TD was fitted with a MGA shaft (with splines at the end, see Hugh's photo) and an aftermarket wheel. You should be able to replace the shaft easily. Ask Hugh if he has one - he sold me one two years ago to replace mine - at a reasonable price!
Geoffrey M Baker

Just for info, I recently purchased the sliding shaft from Moss to replace my original (twisted) shaft. It fit perfectly so you have a multitude of sources.

Jim Haskins 1953 TD
J. M. Haskins

No they can't.
Steve Wincze

I have one in good shape with the nut and key. I have sent you inf off line.

Thanks to all who responded. I've arranged to buy a good used part from Hugh Byte.

I realized after posting, that I hadn't clearly defined the problem.

The shaft I am dealing with does not have an external, male, threaded end. Rather it has a taper to the shaft, with a key-way, but an internal thread. This means that the wheel is held in place with a bolt and washer, but the internal threads were terribly damaged by the use of a 3.5" Lag bolt.

I suspect the short sliding shaft has been replace with something foreign to TD's, and was only intended to last long enough to get the car sold.

Thanks again.
JR Jim) Ross

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