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MG TD TF 1500 - 'T' Series Steering Wheels.

Did all the TD/TF series MGs have the same color factory steering wheel in bronze? PJ
Paul Jennings

I believe so. Cheers, Bob
Bob Jeffers

Yes, and the center instrument cluster should match.
Steven Tobias

Paul - I am sure you have seen the wheel currently on Ebay - it has a greenish pearl look.

I wondered if it was a YA or YB wheel - or an original replacement part - interesting color. It is certainly not a new replacement - most new ones are a single color and lack the pearl look.

Jeff Delk


I recast and restore TC/TD/TF steering wheels. I find a lot of color variations with the rim and hub on the original wheels. Often the hubs did not exactly match the instrument panel and were off a shade or more.

I generally choose a light or darker tan marbled color for the rim and a custom color for the hub. Of course, I could make almost any color combination and no two wheels are alike because of the marbling.

The hub color I use is based on a color match with several wheels in the shop at the time and chosen as the most common shared color. It is a soft Bronze metallic mixed by my local paint supplier.

The center piece is color matched to the hub color.

Ben Cordsen
Fort Collins, Colorado USA

Ben Cordsen

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