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MG TD TF 1500 - TD spare tire carrier

A TD now on ebay and one on Gords sight has chromed tire carrier. Was this ever offered as an option?
John Shoemaker

Chroming mine is a future project. I already did the straps underneath it (as well as a LOT of the engine compartment bits and pieces).

John Redman

No ever offered as an option - from what I have read. Keep in mind that they actually reduced the chrome on the TD (headlamps) at one point due to a shortage.

I would imagine that was done by a previous owner at some point. A dealer may have had it done for some reason.

Just my impression on that.

J Delk

Mine had a whole lot of stuff chromed when rebuilt in the 60's... fan blades, radiator top, generator inspection strip...and worst of all the oil filter cover... Makes holding on to it when changing oil a real pain!!!!
gblawson - TD#27667

It cost me about $350 to have all my chrome stripped, including the lamp bucket stays, lamp buckets, spare tire carrier, gas tank straps... after that they can be sanded, filled primed and painted... I would have had to strip my grille, but someone wanted a chrome one, so we swapped.

Dave Braun

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