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MG TD TF 1500 - TD/TF Wiring Differences

Just goofed in answering a wiring question because I didn't know about TF wiring. The TF fuel sending unit has a ground wire attached to it. I'm curious about the other differences in wiring between late TDs and TFs. I hate to give bad dope. Bud
Bud Krueger

Just got done wiring my 55 TF. With the help of LaVerne and Dave....there are only two differences that I found. One being the fuel pump is in the rear and the other being the ground wire on the fuel sending unit.


Bud - There are some differences in the connections of the white wire circuit (just differences in where in the circuit a given wire is connected to - they all still go to the same place). There is a ground wire going to the sending unit on the TF (which should have been on the TDs but wasn't - the tank was grounded through the fuel pump via the fuel line). The wiper motor of course (and it is missing a wire on the prints). On the late TF, the fuel pump is in the rear of the car as MIke (masquerading as LaVerne on his post) stated. Very minor differences, but enough to wrap the uninitiated around an axle when they try to troubleshoot. If you want, I can send you a circuit drawing (the color codes are all the same as they are all the way through the last MGB). Cheers - Dave
Daved DuBois

Dave, I would appreciate a corrected circuit drawing. I see that my most recent (1/54) WSM has the TF wiring diagram, with the errors. Thanks. Bud
Bud Krueger

Bud The series of wiring diagrams that were in the TSO have a TF diagram that has the windscreen wiper error corrected. Don't know about showing the ground on the low fuel sending unit.
Bob Jeffers


I would also like a corrected TF wiring diagram. I am at that stage and about to install the new wiring harness. rgt3000 at fuse dot net


RG Taylor

Very odd....How did my entry get put under LaVerne's name ?

Mike Makinster

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