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MG TD TF 1500 - TD air filters?

want to get some air filters on '53 TD--I don't have the original----anybody know of a setup that doesn't involve bending the staybar?--are the Stellings/Hellings ones any good-will they fit?---thanks in advance


The S/H will fit, and that is the only good thing I can say about them. They are too thin to allow sufficient air into the carbs. I also question their ability to filter the air. They will do a good job on gravel, if you know what I mean.

George Raham [TD4224]

You usually get a sucking noise when you have S and H filters on the TD. I took mine off and went back to the tried and true oil bath filter.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

There are several 1.25in original air cleaners and ducting on Ebay at present.

I think that the most effective air flow, if that is your basic intention, comes from putting trumpets on the carburetors.

Ian Bowers

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