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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Carburetor Heat Shield

I am rebuilding my stock engine on a 54 TF. Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions regarding installing a carburetor heat shield that mounts between the carbs and the exhaust manifold? I sometimes have a bit of a problem after shutdown of restarting the engine during hot weather. Some choke and a few choice words usually gets the engine going but I wonder if a heat shield really does all that much good.

LD Kanaster

Hi Larry
I bought one from Brown and Gammons a few years ago. At that time, I could not find one in the states. The shipping, as I recall, was quite reasonable.

It sure took care of my vapor lock issues. I can post a photo of it mounted, if interested.

'54 TF
T Norby

Hi Larry,

This topic has been covered quite well in the past and can be read in the archives. I have no experience with heat shields but many have found ceramic coating the cast iron exhaust manifold.

Ceramic coating the exhaust will help reduce under the bonnet temperatures. The ceramic retains the heat in the manifold than transferring it through pipe -- which is directly under your SU carbs soaking up all that heat causing vapor lock. Another advantage with ceramic is by keeping the exhaust gases hotter in the pipe than through the pipe, this allows the exhaust gases leave in higher velocities. This means a reduction in backpressure and an increase in horsepower.

JetHot is a popular choice. I have used them on my stroker 124" Harley Davidson to coat the 2:1 exhaust headers from the engine that are under my right leg. I know without them, the heat would be unbearable since my thigh is less than 12" away.

On my TF, I went with Swain Tech Coatings. I chose them since I really like the White Lightning coating that matches pretty close to the white aluminized finish from the Factory.

Frank Cronin

Larry, My 53 TD would vapor lock big time every time I shut the engine down in the summer and restart within 15 minutes. I also had a lot of problems in parades on a hot day. I purchased the same one that Tom got and all my vapor lock problems went away.

Good luck

Bill Brown

Hello Larry, I am a wholesale dealer for Prodigy Coatings, I also produce roller lifter camshafts for these engines, no cam / lifter wear.
A roller lifter cam will always outperform a flat lifter cam of the same duration.
5 profiles from stock to race.
Len Fanelli
Abingdon Performance
914 420 8699
Len Fanelli


Alex up in Seattle here. I have an extractor (headder) which I had ceramic coated. Before I had that in there I had just the manifold and no heat shield. I used to occasionally have vapor lock issues. However, now with the headder coated inside and out, I don't have any issues. That said the headder likely doesn't hold heat anywhere near as long as the manifold would. Additionally, I had mine coated locally. It isn't Jet hot, but it came highly recommended by my favored exhaust shop. Let me know if you'd like their contact info.

Alex Waugh

Heat shields are fine, and they work,,,BUT IMHO, first, make sure that your float bowls are rotated enough so that there is distance between the bowls and the exhaust manifold as shown in the picture below.

Dave Braun,,Thank you again for some great pictures!!!



Thank you all very much for the information. One more question--when I have the manifold painted I would like it to look as original as possible. Can anyone tell me the color of a new manifold?

Thanks again.

LD Kanaster

Which manifold ? The exhaust is Aluminized (whiteish),Talk to Len Fanelli,, while the intake is engine red color,,


This is 1500 degree paint, if it doesn't hold up or a vapor lock issue is present, then I'll have it ceramic coated. PJ

Paul S Jennings


Check out original MG TF#9052 on the Orginal MG TF gallery developed by Chris Couper. There you can see the color of the exhaust manifold is white and the intake runner is painted engine color.

Below is a picture showing an example of Swain Tech Coatings White Lightning ceramic coating. To me is a very close example to the aluminized finish applied when the car was new from the Factory.


Frank Cronin

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