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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Rear Axle Bearing

It appears that new rear brake cylinders and shoes were installed not to long ago. I noticed that the shoes had a slight film of oil on them and checked the axle seal for wear. The seal appears to be new also and not leaking. My question; Is there supposed to be a gasket between the bearing retainer and the housing as it looks like the surface between the two and around the bolts is damp with oil. PJ

P S Jennings

Nope, just a thin film of your favorite sealer. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

Thanks Bud, I usually use High Tack sealers for regular gaskets. I think they have a gasket material in a tube which is microscopic thin when everything is tightened up. There was no indication that anything like that was applied before. Could be the reason for a light oil seepage around the bolt heads and in turn working it's way to the brake shoes. Don't know what the other side looks like yet. PJ
P S Jennings

Years ago I had a chronic rear drum oil leak. I eventually figured out it was somehow leaking between the inner bearing face, the axle shaft, and the tapered collar and then into the drum. Since then I always clean all oil off of the mating parts of those pieces and use a very, very thin film of blue Permatex and no more leaks. My leakage problem may also have been due to worn splines and a drum that wouldn't stay tight. Also- if the big hub nut is loose then it will leak a lot. Make sure the surface of the split collar that the seal rides on is perfect without any scratches or grooves.
George Butz

Will check George! I never put anything back together without completely cleaning everything. Thanks!
What's the torque numbers in foot lbs on the axle nut? PJ
P S Jennings

It's 150 ft.lbs and then to the next cotter pin slot. I shave the spacer until 150 will do the job at a cotter pin slot, because I'm not superman.

Dave Braun

Thanks Dave! PJ
P S Jennings

You can replace the bearing with a sealed type. I finally had to do that and now the leak is gone. Check the bbs or archive for info on this.

I think the parts just wear out and the tolerances aren't what they should be.

L Ayres

i had minor corrosion and pitting on the face of the tapered sleeve the seal runs on. so small i did not see it on first go around. found it out after replacing the seal the first time. regards, tom
tom peterson

If this problem comes back, which I hope it won't, I'll take Larry's suggestion and replace the bearings with sealed ones. PJ
P S Jennings

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