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MG TD TF 1500 - Trim the front wiring harness?

I'm working on upgrades to the running lights and headlamps on my late '51 TD. The existing (Moss or Abingdon) replacement wiring harness is overgenerous in its branches. On the driver side (left), for example, I found a foot or so of branch harness coiled up in the engine compartment and then another foot or so looped above the tire... where at one point (Murphy's Law) the tire had rubbed some of the harness insulation off. So it makes sense to me to cut all this back before I reconnect and weave a comfortable but not loopy path to the lamps.
Here's my question for the board: Is there some downside to doing this that I am, maybe, not seeing?
Thanx for any thoughts -- Peter
Peter Pope

My Moss replacement harness was designed for a total rewire of the whole car - the headlamps and fog light, the engine bay and ignition system, the rear lights, the instrument panel, everything. Sounds like you just want to do the front lights?
efh Haskell

I installed a new wiring harness from British wiring in my '50 TD. I found the harness to the headlamps and fender lights a little long as well. I installed the harness to fit the car, and ended up shortening the wires about 6' on one side and around 10" on the other. I left a little more wire in the headlamp pots than original. Was no problem cutting and re-soldering the ends back on those wires that needed it. I have had no problems.

C.R. Tyrell

EfH: The existing harness is good... but I'm adding turn signal feeds to the small fender lamp (using SVC's dual bulb renovation kit) and upgrading the headlamps. At the same time I'm adding dedicated lamp ground leads on each side. But looking at the present connections I have to clean up the mare's nest of wires a bit... I'm just nervous cutting back a harness that was certainly made for this car. But CR's comments are encouraging.
CR: Thanks... I think I'll go ahead and trim my lamp leads, as you did.
-- Peter
Peter Pope

Snip away. I also had about a 14" too much wire on my sidelamps with the Moss harness. I thought the headlamps were OK.

Just make sure your routing is correct first. Look at all the gallery pictures to see it area.
Christopher Couper

"I cut it 3 times, and it's still too short."
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

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